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The Last Chapter of 2013
Sirens, that's the only thing I can hear, or at least observe, apart from the loud cries of the panic. The high pitched tones of the mortals that sing a song of the mainstream, the gestures that only the people of earth do. Isn't it just odd, how people take photography as a part of what they call, memory, whereas it's just, senseless?. They play in their sense of wonder, or more like, wander. I mean, like, that's how they just back down. They back down, sweetie, because the games too rough for their manicured nails.

They come in colonies, or in a singular method of not only being radioactive, but also promoting a sensitivity, yet a trait of just, having fun. That's how I really could describe the roars of the artistic imagery coming out towards frames, that's how I see my creative process. They are, gigantic, and overwhelming, and definitely bigger than life. Sure, I take in the inspirations from the mass-and from the ones who taught me, but they, moreoverly, come from my visions, and how they crystalize onto a freedom of speech-visually.

The portfolio is not an exploitation of ego, yet it is a personification of how my artistic visions take a scroll through the realistic stuff. They are not a thread, but in the same time they might appear to be an immense imagery of a gigantic, harmful substance. This is not an act for what the world calls cocky, this is beyond that, this revolution is, in the most artistic way, FAB.

The past may deliver my art in such cold, harsh, rough manners, but after Halcyon and the recognition, I just thought that a more, appropriately cheery, slightly blonde-loud sort of presentation might be ideal. That is exactly what this long introduction is trying to say. This is the visionary of the lighter alter ego.


1. Opera House, Australia
Roaring above the artistically, iconic building. Bending in a half circular, yet edged end. Lies two insecure souls. One with a heart on her cheek, the other with an alien-like forehead and mole holes. Their heart lies within the buildings on their bending formation. Like their only name, the insecurity, and like the building, the Opera House, the House of emotions. They bend their ego with it, not realizing their inner, weirdly beautiful features. Their over exaggerated eyes, their over exaggerated sense of humor, and their over exaggerated passion, one on her goal, the other on a virtual, Korean partner. Their hearts don't lie, they just haven't found their true fierce-ness yet. The only thing that keeps them together, is the fact that they only have each other.


2. Statue Of Liberty, America
Then the party starts here, as two redheads comes out in the passion they believe in, one coming from the 90s, the other a complicated band girl. Insecurity might be absent, but the overwhelmed joy causes a disturbance in the art, forming it's own form of art. The rebels, the outcasts, and especially the freedom obtained, code name, ghetto. Indifference is only a factor, and a matter of difference. In the liberty they trust, the power of endless, boundless freedom allowed. It's an affair between love and lust, and it definitely is a rule of every femme fatale - that freedom shall only be allowed for beauty and the opportunities of ego. A queen-like structure. The rapid demand of wealth instead of health. This form of beautified, hardly sophisticated demand only comes in a gigantic size. And may all parties be as fierce as this immense amount of joy.


3. Grand Canyon, America
There, comes another piece. Altered by time, in the coldest, yet fiercest way. There is just an underdog, sort-of basic imagery to the piece. Embellished in a mixture between the classic and the urban. A tres-chic sort of imagery. Mickey mouse blinded, and the husk smell of the leather-draped hunk. The people behind the stage, the support team, that's how cold the fierce-ness just blazes through. It's as if the flames come in a blue shade. The immense blizzard and it's radioactive method. That's how their art, just works, it comes off clean, but more striking than ever. The power that stands tall and falls, and re-creates the stones, the Grand Canyon,


4. Eiffel Tower, Paris
Then comes the hopeless romantic, the ones who'd kill for love, that cliche, desperate mood. The ones who'd travel the world with class, or without, just for the other half. Forming an Eiffel as distorted as the Pisa tower. The one a dog lover, with a heart of such complex behaviors, that white is a compilation of it's complicated behavior, the other one a shy, yet strong, small town girl. With a slight interracial twist and a passion of another. One a rose, the other a doodle, and a slight hope of freedom. The boundaries of race, the boundaries of age. That's what makes the piece bigger than life. The art reference varies from the gargoyles, with the fleeing lonely ones. Like the gypsies, all the wealth and the dark reference in the world can be obtained, but not the Love. That is the point of living. Art always wins, because in the desperation, only Art can form a crystallization of beauty.


5. Capitol Building, America
After all the factors, comes Sacrifice, comes the power of giving up the body for the soul, giving up the ego for the mind, giving up the personality for the art. Comes a power of having to give more to the things worth the future, not the ones worth the present. Comes the process of having to sacrifice the social living for the process of being an artist. Like camouflaging, disappearing like a ghost-like, invisible imagery, from the rest of the crowd, and with a proud tone, being an artist. It's not about the money, recognition, and fame, it's about living, breathing, and finally dissolving in the art. And trust me, this part hurts like a stab in the a** from at the Capitol Building, the house of rules, the house of logic and politics. D.C. at it's finest. Helplessly, the ego just, lies there, in agony, trying to bend back the bones onto a stronger form, you know what they say, a hybrid is always an adapted form, it always turns better. Pushing the boundaries may get a stab, and a beautiful levitating piece of performance art of the body. Like a Wrecking Ball.


6. Japan
But then, the other part of the blue, the other part of the world, comes the word F.A.B, this part is where recognition matters, where the play of eccentric behavior for fame matters. The effort for the applause, the effort just to get a pat on the back. A resulting of the lonely heart and it's antiques. A force of being a star, of being known an artist. The modification of culture, the act of bringing an eastern country, a developing one to the bigger canvas. Glamorizing the act of the culture with boundaries, onto a bigger image. The idea of bringing art to fashion, in the most, glamorized, yet artistically challenging factor. An iconic piece of, draping. The idea of bringing that is another bigger than life factor. Bringing the attitude and the ego of being fab, being an icon of arrogance and whatever the upper class possesses. Deserving any liquor on rocks. The ego dressed in the passionate, red contrast, demonstrating the art of the orient, with colors of silver on the altered hair, made to the left by such immense quirkiness of ambition. The striking features of the effort to be iconic.


7.  Zaanse Schans, Holland
But then, the memories that brings us to our nostalgic imageries, the small town behavior, the factors that makes us who we are, our first steps, our first bike, our first kiss. The acts that reforms the person you are today, is another bigger than life factor. The little picnic with the braid, and the walk through the river, the splashes and the excitement the wind gives. These riverside memories are the gravity to our ego, the things that keep us sane, not forgetting where the hearts truly belong, or once belong. Without the boundaries having to matter. The days where flying seems like a piece of cake. Where the unicorns are only a part of the backyard, and when the carefree horizon just passes through the skies.


8.  Grand Canyon, America
The final form, however, is the climb. The formation of all art, love, and dreams carved onto one. It's not about all the goals and the particular demand of a particular stepping stone. It's more of the pride to be on the ride, like a ride or die motto. A perfect mixture of having the perfect love life, in that portion with a truly kindhearted, supportive partner, the other being a crystallisation of the dreams, finally being a part of the dream as living on it is a piece of cake, and the last one, a formation, a visionary, and the most provocative, explicit, yet beautiful and sophisticated avant-garde pieces being formed within the problems. One holding on to culture, the other holding on to gravity, and the last one unleashing the true spirits of being a free mind, being a visionary to one's own art. The passionate mixture of red and blue. The final form of, The Photographic Sense.

All of these pieces are shot for Cafe @ Cita, Cita Hati School, as prints for the Cafe. The idea of doing something "larger than life" is moreoverly inspired by "Attack of the 50 ft Woman", however, adding messages and ideas onto it felt neccesary, with a comical look, and the youngest fashion sense, inspired by icons like Miley Cyrus, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Hayley Williams, Bryan Boy, and imageries from fairy tales, the Great Gatsby, and High School Musical. All of these models are NOT professionals and are winners off my Models Wanted competition with Cita Hati (everyone are students or alumni, including the teams involved)

The idea of incorporating The Photographic Sense's journey is clearly candid, an idea crystallized while writing the editorial, or more like a journal, since Diaries are just way to sassy. I might start selling prints next year, so, email me if you're interested! Thank you so much for always being a kind reader to the blog, Unions, this portfolio is another end-year project like last year's "Masquerade Ball", aiming for a lighter imagery, and something more age related to where I am standing right now. I hope I get to inspire more next year, I promise that I'll blow more minds next year. Thank you so much for all of the time spent just to read my blog right here, resulting from the, encoruagement I get, I get to be known by the world a lot more. Thank you so much guys, you guys RAWCK!

UNIONS! The Photographic Sense wishes you a Happy New Year! May next year be a lot more artistic and filled with intense excitement and passion! Xo Reinhardt Kenneth

The Photographic Sense Goes To School
Portfolio Pieces.
1. Opera House, Australia (INSECURE-ITY) 
PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (left-to-right) Monica Liemantara, Claudia Sonia
MUA&Hair. (on Claudia) Irene Wihandi Putri
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
(on Claudia) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired Bow by Catharina Avellia 
Backdrop Credits. Kelby Immanuel Rusli
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

2. Liberty, America (Party In The U.S.A)

PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (left-to-right) Meliana Tjahja, Irene Wihandi Putri
MUA&Hair. (on Irene) Irene Wihandi Putri, (on Meliana) Yunita Rebekah(MUA) and Livia Kriwangko (Hair)
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth 
Backdrop Credits. Clarissa Hanggresta
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

3. Grand Canyon, America (ART)

PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (left-to-right) Yunita Rebekah, Janice Tandiokusuma
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Kelby Immanuel Rusli
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris (Love)
PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (left-to-right) Kelby Immanuel Rusli, Laurenzia Juvelin 
MUA&Hair. Livia Kriwangko (Hair), Yunita Rebekah (MUA)
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Vania Aprillia
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

5. Capitol Building, America (Sacrifice)

PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. Catharina Avellia
MUA&Hair. Irene Wihandi Putri (Make Up), Livia Kriwangko (Hair)
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Kelby Immanuel Rusli
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

6. Japan (FAB)
PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. Stephanie Soekosin
MUA. Yunita Rebekah
Hair. Livia Kriwangko
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Kelby Immanuel Rusli
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

7. Zaanse Schans, Holland (Home//Mary Jane Holland)

PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (left-to-right) Schanaz Purnama, Kevin Jackson, Emmanuela Michelle
MUA&Hair. (on Schanaz) Hair by Livia Kriwangko
(on Emmanuela) MUA. Yunita Rebekah
Hairstylist. Theresa Gunarso, Yunita Rebekah
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Bryan Andrean Putra off Coffee Cream & The Caffeine
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

8. Grand Canyon, America (Hall Of Fame//Regal Royal Manga Baby)

PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. (top-to bottom)(left-to-right) Caroline Beauty Stacia, Karina Novia, Nadya Joy Soetanto
MUA&Hair. (on Caroline) Hair. Livia Kriwangko, MUA.Irene Wihandi
(on Karina and Nadya) Hair. Livia Kriwangko, MUA. Yunita Rebekah
Stylist. Reinhardt Kenneth
Backdrop Credits. Kelby Immanuel Rusli
Backstage Team. Theresa Gunarso

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Man-Maid Mer-Maid

This might be my early Christmas post to all y'all, but unfortunately, I don't really have anything Christmassy to post, I know I've been short on posting outfits, I might stop doing so, but I might just have a hiatus on them. This portfolio might be not too appropriate for such a lovely day, like Christmas. First of all, the images look so hot (I mean hot as in the sun-hot temperature), and it doesn't really portray the happiness the holiday is supposed to post. But today, I come with a cause I believe in.


I might not be the strongest animal lover, I mean I've got tons of friends who are just so supportive for the wildlife and I hope one day I can be as supportive, but I do felt like I need my art to work as a visionary towards the cause I believe in, and this is one of them. Since I am taking IB Art HL at school, I've got to also work on individual assignments that sort of relate to my class work. I did an Indonesian art topic and chose "Nyi Roro Kidul" as my subject, she is a mythical creature from the Javanese Southern sea, you should really google her up to see her wondrous enigma under the culture. I decided to do a cold and feminine shade on each side of the painting, this picture is taken off my instagram so I do apologize for the low quality. Anyways, back on the portfolio.

As much I admire the ocean's rage, I try to depict what we are doing to it, we are destroying the living it holds. Everyday, large, endangered fishes are just being hooked out of the marine and just sold like pieces of tuna on the market, it's not that I am insensitive enough to not care about the "socially edible" organisms, but these endangered species are definitely creatures of it's wonders, and I do believe that they should roam on the marine for their, and our good.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Photographic Sense Travels: Dives the Maldives


DIVES the Mal(DIVES). The whole idea of building up a continuation towards ‘Maldivian Gypsy’ is to expose something more than the fashion-elevated, culturally implemented theme of the Maldivian, but this time, include a whole new perspective of the Maldives through my eyes. Being on a single island, surrounded by the deep blue, the magical experience carries on wit the waves. Sleepless nights with the waves of the Indian Ocean building up a natural formation of a symphony and a melody, Feeding Butterfly Fishes, sightseeing bats as if they were birds across the horizon, and feeding sting rays and sharks with a cocktail on the other hand.

divesb copy copy
Add caption


What invites an urge and excitement to people to go to the Maldives, is highly affected by the deep blue. The ocean might be the same as any other, but the perspective one can obtain from the Maldives is just exquisite, and beautiful in it’s own Maldivian way. There’s something about the Tiffany Blue hue-d ocean dancing through the clean white sand, approaching a part of the resort so sweetly, as if the day never ended in the best way. There’s something about the sun hitting the tanned-skin on a bright day, allowing the skin to be sun-kissed like never before.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hybrid IV.


Experimental -- that is probably where I am heading right now. Babe, please, mainstream is so last year. I decided to really grant myself a long granted wish--to evolute through the form of art. Don't you love those days when you evolved your starter Pokemon to it's final form? Well, I'm still on that phase-really proud on my Pokemon Party(sorry I had to blabber a lot about this). This portfolio is a reformation of the human body itself. A futuristic, immature look towards how the world would've been if we evolve and adapt in a whole new, exoskeleton-involving method.

Hybrid IV

Under the control of nature and science, the feeling of lingering for a whole new life, a rebirth, a reformation of the human nature forms deep inside us. What if whatever we see is a lie, and what if everything she thought of was built under a lie? What if the Sun rises from the North and goes down on the South instead? What if there was a monochromatic rainbow? What if OUR HUMAN BODY IS INCOMPLETE, AND WE NEED A FINAL MISSING PIECE?


We perceive the idea to be a metaphor. More hands to either help or harm. More eyes to either visualize or watch. More lips to either persuade or gossip. More ears to either listen or hurt. More legs to either run or scratch. All of these being formed onto one question, is it possible to do so?.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Moon: October 31st, 1897.


Farm Life, Young Love, and a late Summer Mist. A Day after Summer, and hours before Fall.. Where the Harvest Moon rises up to the skies above. Shining the Harvest Season as bright as a lantern in a pitch black room. However, the only thing it witnesses is nothing but forbidden young love and it’s wonders of betrayal and hatred. Young adults, who’s got nothing but the power and demand to love and to dominate each other under their greed, to love and to hate. The Photographic Sense brings you to a world of what Halloween might have been about, and how it might have been implemented through my eyes.


On doing a Halloween Portfolio, last year, I went with a hybrid-horror mind control kind of view, but this year, I decided to tone down everything with an equally artistic imagery. The perception of the old times being brought to our view today. How the vintage is always seen to be murky, and depressingly sad, how they had a life so free yet so old-schooled, how we can never have everything at once. This portfolio is also inspired by movies like Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister. I admire how the simplicity of the hauntings just brings shivers to everyone, how less is more in this case. How terrifying stories of the past can form such impact to the popular culture these days.


The Conjuring, being based on a true event, I believe, has built a strong base on this portfolio on the whole idea of farm-family hauntings, how we human are terrified by these supernaturally, non-scientific creatures. And how our mindset has only brought us to being scared by these stories. It’s completely absurd, because we can’t see our inner monsters, damaging each other and where we host from, the mother earth, and how our ego is being prioritized. This portfolio is a response to how hatred is hatred, how Halloween can remind us of how these hatred can be wiped off by it’s joyous events, but in a way, I have the urge to just do a bit of a cause here for our own race. I decided to style these people in a vintage like pre-fall wear, embellished in a whole new tone of emotion,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Photographic Sense Travels to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia!

TPST Some of you might have known that before visiting the exquisite Maldives, I stayed several nights on one of my favorite places in the world, Singapore. I’ve had always been fond of the city, even though it has boundaries on being a rather small island, it’s independence towards the world as a city and a country is remarkably amusing. What is even more amusing is that even though it is a South-East Asian country, it’s remarkable architecture and luxuries, and also famous for it’s source of studies has attracted multinational tourists, also the fact that it has this beautiful mixture, a marriage between the Western Night Life and the still Rich Eastern (highly influenced by the Chinese and the Malaysian/Indonesian culture). Due to that, this country never fails to roar through the names of the world, being one of Asia’s must-go destinations. 
tpsvoguePhotoVogue Pictures off My Singapore Trip.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Photographic Sense Travels: Maldivian Gypsy

maldiviangypsycover copymaldiviangypsy10

Wonders, Grace, and All Of The Glory You Can Imagine, all of them wrapped in a middle-eastern elixir of beauty. Wonders only you can imagine deep in your mind of resort. Maldives is a resort, yet it is the art of living on the edge of the shore. It holds the aura bringing individuals together, a certainty of love, a statement of passion, a statement of just, the ocean roaming wild, bringing you the watersong every time you slumber late at 3 a.m.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Posh Plastic


“Beauty-a complex imagery of living. To one, it may be the old beautiful brunette locks of Miley, to someone else-it may be all of the circus and the side-shaved blonde. To one it may the exotic beauty of a girl from Southeast Asia, to another, it may be the size 0 runway model running down a Chanel runway. Beauty differs from everyone’s perspective-but one thing for sure, we are all created beautiful-some of us just don’t feel like works of art.

Some of us just felt like, we were not born in the right body, some of us wake up wishing we were a size 0-some even wakes up and gets lost in the blurred lines of their identity as a person. As if every soul is jailed inside a work of art, and some of us just gets the wrong cell. The thing about beauty is that, it changes overtime. Back in the days, it was the wealthy, curvy woman, Mona Lisa-with perfect chubby cheeks like an apple who is considered to represent beauty, nowadays, lingerie-ready bodies are the perfect description of beauty-Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Karolina Kurkova, Karlie Kloss, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Cara Delevigne, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr, you name it.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Perfect Stranger.

Love has it's own ways in life, we may have encountered events on meeting people whom somehow we've encountered in another time, another dimension. Could've he been a lover of mine, or could've she been the grandmother of my children? There's always this nostalgic, pre-deja vu sort of feeling on our encounters in life..
Recently, as I'm travelling right now(many of you might've been checking out my pictures on instagram of me being at the Maldives a.k.a Paradise), I read a book released on the 2009s called "ICE" by Sarah Beth Durst. It's a beautiful retelling of the tale "East of The Sun West of The Moon" which is a classical Inuit tale of the polar bear and the girl. It's as if, we were someone on our past lives, going through cycles of souls, in order to make the world "work". I am a fan-well a believer of the Christianity, but these kind of theories somehow interest me, urging me to write about it.
Truthfully, sometimes I have dreams-visions of being with someone of the past. What if I invented something? What if I was the successful dreamer? What if I made a revolution? these kind of key ideas had urged me to finally motivate myself in life-motivating me in every single way, in order to make the time I have worth the wait, worth the success I deserve.

As an artist, these pictures already spoke on their own, shades of blue, china town, two strangers implemented on a slightly ghetto version of harajuku with a slight touch of the 1950s, BAM. You have a sip of Marie Antoinette Tea with Sake and Whiskey altogether. Personally I've had always wanted to shoot on the particular area, the down sides of Pasar Atum, a.k.a the ultimate source of knockoffs, fake films, good-unhealthy, quite cheap feasting, and to be honest, my textile store!.
Even though this shoot personally isn't a favorite of mine(I did love it when I was shooting it), they deserve to express their own view, how each picture are just brutal on it's own. Like f yeah bro we're shooting on the crowd, of course we might know one of these bitches from our past lives, probably?
Life, recently, has taught me something. Be crazy, but don't be a lunatic. Our boundaries are limitless, but we have to hold back sometimes, I know this is so against what I believe, but don't let anything hurt yourself back. And the fact that your instincts speak of the future. Recently suddenly out of nowhere my phone plays a song, and sure enough I didn't pull it out, BAM, it hit sea water. and yes, missy ROXTHEFOX, I shouldn't get a new blackberry since it's being a lunatic everytime lol.

I know this post isn't particularly long, since I'm on vacation and am currently too bored to brag around, so I'm going to sum up a conclusion here. Life is a boundless view itself, we will never know what comes ahead, and who is that perfect stranger. Just remember to hold on to your instincts, and never regret, even though how hard things had always been.

(Oh and I dont mention PhotoVogue features anymore since writing too much of them can just seem so cheap and tacky y'all)

PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Models.Stefandy Yanata Hariono, Izzy Christopher
PAR Assistant/Stylist.  S.Natasia Aurellia
MUA. Cicilia Budiono

Sunday, July 21, 2013

All The Way To The Halcyon Days.


Ok, so the wait is over! "All The Way To The Halcyon Days" is finally up on Wattpad which you guys can click here! So basically I did peek you guys my perception of the story and how it revolves through the atmosphere, an implementation of a better living through time travel. What I've been basically comprehending these days are to change your life without basically changing who you are as an individual, how we all live in a rebirth, and change without changing at all. It's like being a snake, how you can basically change your skin without changing who you are, as being a tougher core with a tougher heart.

IMG_2814 1

"All The Way To The Halcyon Days" is also a collaboration of my writing and my photographs, the vulnerability of the story itself, being a part of the inner part of my artistic core, how I travel to many places and transform these particles of memories to living art, to art pieces that mean so much to me, which can freeze strangers, going all like "wow, that is just, wow". As a revolutionary work implementing how the pretty needs to be witty enough, how a shadow only needs an extra shade in it, and how the most contrasting picture may not always have a message as powerful as normal greyscale. How each shade comprehends a specific time.

IMG_9619 1

So I'm going sneak you guys several picks that will soon be up on my tumblr page. I will later post pictures that are really meaningful to me alongside 2013 itself, because this year itself is a revolutionary for myself for better days, as a challenge to reach the state of Halcyon itself. A strong implementation of both art and freedom. I'm going to collage up these pictures and post their final forms on my tumblr page. Stay tuned, unions! Love Y'all. (P.S. These pictures are A SMALL PART only one of the unions from All The Way To The Halcyon Days) itself, this section is called "EIDIE".