Wednesday, August 15, 2012


  Bullying, a very ironic word of hate, prejudice, discrimination, and mostly, a part of insecurity. It pops up in all of our lives, but what I'm focusing on is on teen bullying, whatever happens at school, in detail. So I've posted something about bullying earlier, it is like a sneak peek of this whole post. Believe me, everyone is originally an innocent, some of these "bullies" I believe, were bullied in life with insecurity, with hate, with their environment they grew up with. It's like they experience what they don't want to and see some medium to let it all out, of course, through negativity.

  Lacking on the power of love itself, they are insecure to carry on, that is why, they always try to ensure themselves that they;re powerful enough against someone else. Someone's identity is also a cause in teen bullying, growing up, your mindset is growing up with you, as we are not really in a stage of maturity, some of us might be rather insecure.

  Let's face it, some grow into beautifully "carved" individuals the murky society can hardly accept, and we see this other kid, perfectly acceptable, but rather insecure and sees difference to be wrong, blames, yells at, and shoves the kid with physical/mental difference. This is how everything just starts, an amount of hate and a behavior of not accepting, also an absence of tolerance.

  A spark of hate can bring down someone's future, but a floral kiss of love can build up someone, right?. Don't take someone else as yourself, take them as someone BETTER than you are, someone different, that way, an amount of respect will be obtained throughout.We all come from the same ancestors, though different beliefs, we are all one, human, black, white, gay, straight, male, female, young, old, athletic, artsy. 

  We all are united in the same shelter, earth.We all come from the womb, and end up in pieces, we all start with tears, we all stay inside mother nature.Bullying has been a great issue these past years, shoved inside the bin, yelled at, mocked and dissed for being different, all of these bad motivations, they motivate us to become worst, yet not ourselves. 

  I don't know the definition of being good enough, but the definition of being bad enough, is when you try to change someone else, eyes, they see different versions of beauty-for which is good and bad. Being a rebel or a drag doesn't make you bad, being a pope or giving to the poor doesn't make you that much good either, after all, we all have our sins. 

"It is our right as a human being to believe in an odd behavior or not, like homosexuality or skin color, but It is always wrong to BULLY or DISRESPECT someone who has a different perception than we do"

Being bullied due to a lack of acceptance, It's hard growing up of course, not everyone accepts the way I am, the way I dress, the way I live and will one day die, the way I make a change and stand out, I always hold my head up and tell myself, you were BORN TO BE BRAVE. Freedom and Acceptance, that is what should be demonstrated, Expand Tolerance, Inhibit Love, Stop Violence, Be Secure, Grow Peacefully, Respect Everyone, and most of all, END BULLYING TODAY.

Photographed by: Reinhardt Kenneth.
Model: Kelby Immanuel Rusli.
Wardrobe/Stylist: Reinhardt Kenneth.
Special Thanks to Cita Hati High School, Cita Hati's Parent Association and the Picture Talk Crew, Marshella Chloe(Yuni Dewi), Michelle Januardi, and Dawi