Sunday, July 5, 2015

Salem's Supreme


The particular phrase seems to have labeled the “villains” in a story. Today, our generation retells the graceful stories of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, and apparently, witches who burned during the Salem trials. We live in a generation where a more tolerant environment is encouraged. Where love is presented in a wider scope of acceptance, tolerance, and an open mind.

Today, I live under the ghosts of guilt. I build a wall to defend myself through bricks of art, recognitions, and all the lavishness I apparently have. Yes, I have a family who supports me 1000%. Yes, my art will be exhibited in Paris and Melbourne in the near future. Yes, my career is going well. Yes, I have so many things to be proud of. I believe that this part of me, the part of me that lives and always strives to be the best is my superpower. My supernatural powers are my capabilities to withstand hatred with my remedies. To have my head in the clouds with a soothing spell of redemption, of knowing that I’ve made it to the higher ground. Throughout, I am capable of skills and tricks other people aren’t gifted with, and of course, everything comes with a price.

I’ve learnt coming of age the hard way. I knew I had to say goodbye, I knew I had to leave my past behind. I just never imagined it on resulting this way. When you are seemingly punished for all the things you’ve done, with it’s reasoning left untouched, but you’re instead thrown guilty rocks at. When you’re burnt at the stake like a Salem witch. Judged for the things they don’t understand.

We’re not forever. You’re not the one.

Today I rise, through the Vitalum Vitalis of my craft. Rising from the ashes to a timebomb of my own, waiting to explode to a spectrum of art on the higher ground. A dispersal of seeds of everything I’ve been through, of my journey translated into a portfolio reaching it’s ways to the best features ever. We could be the best thing ever. But now I guess it’s left with me and my art. It’s my moment to perform the seven wonders, to call upon this trial and lit all the candles and apparently, show shine in my own spark.

Nadia Nathania’s version of this post asks a question that leaves me thinking, “how does it feel like to be powerful yet feared, and due to that, punished? “. What does it feel like to constantly migrate with broomsticks, to conduct pyrokinesis, or to simply lure mankind into believing in things you demand them to believe in. How does it feel like to truly be powerful to the state where those who don’t understand view it as evil?. What does it feel like to think, breathe, and act like a hybrid, like a creature unlike men. What does it feel like to grow trees from your mind?.

Then I fall

I fall

I fall

I am not misunderstood, I simply was never meant to fit in inside a fragile society. In a society where I am seen as a threat, where people confess their jealousy to me, and where I grow insecurity out of the stability around me. I am a motion being, I need to breathe the same air as those who are constantly on the run. Apparently, those who don’t only dream, but those who actually live their dreams.

I confess my mistakes, dear Lord, for treachery, lies, and backstabbing.

So if it comes to a point where I burn down portions out of my life, where it comes to a point where I am seen as a villain, where I can’t migrate in long ocean rides or midnight swims. Where I don’t communicate with those I call dear. Where I can’t use my superpowers to be a part of their world.

I would never, ever, ever, let that define who I truly am.

Yes, I learned my mistakes. But who are you to demand me all the things I stick my heart to. There’s a difference between believing in yourself and being completely selfish. Believe it or not, sometimes I don’t really know the lines. But it comes to a point where today, I am no longer like you.

I’ve even actually been great.

So strange.

You can’t fight the friction

So I chose to not be a material of resistance.

When your feet don’t touch the ground. That is where I float right now. I am a living proof that I’ve lived another day. I drift in my own empty sea. I am in my own control. And it’s okay to be misunderstood but it’s a whole lot better setting where you feel safe of being who you are. You do not need beautiful memories corrupting your life. Your future lingers as a state that awaits for you. So instead of living in the past, simply, live for the future. Fight your way up to the top.

Salem’s Supreme appeals to those who surrounds themself in guilt today. Whatever you are, make sure you’re aiming your way to the very best. If you’re a witch, be a supreme. Even if that means you’ll have to get burnt at the stake. Succeed or die trying. Be a warrior. Never ever settle for the second best. Break free, don’t let anything hold you down. Only you can destroy yourself.

Hey Unions!

So glad to finally be posting again. My recent projects are making me feel fine as hell. I'm so glad on how my progress just keeps growing every year. So how've you been? I've got a lot of exciting news in the upcoming months ahead!. So hows life for all of you? Do leave a comment on your thoughts on the portfolio above.

See you!

Salem's Supreme
Photographed by Reinhardt Kenneth
Model. Nicole King
Stylist/Assistant/Make Up Artist. Nadia Nathania
Blonde Wig. Shelley Sebastian