Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Moon: October 31st, 1897.


Farm Life, Young Love, and a late Summer Mist. A Day after Summer, and hours before Fall.. Where the Harvest Moon rises up to the skies above. Shining the Harvest Season as bright as a lantern in a pitch black room. However, the only thing it witnesses is nothing but forbidden young love and it’s wonders of betrayal and hatred. Young adults, who’s got nothing but the power and demand to love and to dominate each other under their greed, to love and to hate. The Photographic Sense brings you to a world of what Halloween might have been about, and how it might have been implemented through my eyes.


On doing a Halloween Portfolio, last year, I went with a hybrid-horror mind control kind of view, but this year, I decided to tone down everything with an equally artistic imagery. The perception of the old times being brought to our view today. How the vintage is always seen to be murky, and depressingly sad, how they had a life so free yet so old-schooled, how we can never have everything at once. This portfolio is also inspired by movies like Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister. I admire how the simplicity of the hauntings just brings shivers to everyone, how less is more in this case. How terrifying stories of the past can form such impact to the popular culture these days.


The Conjuring, being based on a true event, I believe, has built a strong base on this portfolio on the whole idea of farm-family hauntings, how we human are terrified by these supernaturally, non-scientific creatures. And how our mindset has only brought us to being scared by these stories. It’s completely absurd, because we can’t see our inner monsters, damaging each other and where we host from, the mother earth, and how our ego is being prioritized. This portfolio is a response to how hatred is hatred, how Halloween can remind us of how these hatred can be wiped off by it’s joyous events, but in a way, I have the urge to just do a bit of a cause here for our own race. I decided to style these people in a vintage like pre-fall wear, embellished in a whole new tone of emotion,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Photographic Sense Travels to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia!

TPST Some of you might have known that before visiting the exquisite Maldives, I stayed several nights on one of my favorite places in the world, Singapore. I’ve had always been fond of the city, even though it has boundaries on being a rather small island, it’s independence towards the world as a city and a country is remarkably amusing. What is even more amusing is that even though it is a South-East Asian country, it’s remarkable architecture and luxuries, and also famous for it’s source of studies has attracted multinational tourists, also the fact that it has this beautiful mixture, a marriage between the Western Night Life and the still Rich Eastern (highly influenced by the Chinese and the Malaysian/Indonesian culture). Due to that, this country never fails to roar through the names of the world, being one of Asia’s must-go destinations. 
tpsvoguePhotoVogue Pictures off My Singapore Trip.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Photographic Sense Travels: Maldivian Gypsy

maldiviangypsycover copymaldiviangypsy10

Wonders, Grace, and All Of The Glory You Can Imagine, all of them wrapped in a middle-eastern elixir of beauty. Wonders only you can imagine deep in your mind of resort. Maldives is a resort, yet it is the art of living on the edge of the shore. It holds the aura bringing individuals together, a certainty of love, a statement of passion, a statement of just, the ocean roaming wild, bringing you the watersong every time you slumber late at 3 a.m.