Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Survival of the Fittest

Where’s your position in the food web?

Are you a producer? Do you provide, do you parent and preserve?. Do you believe in the production of masterpieces?

Are you peaceful and calm, a herbivore, who gives to others. Do they feed on you or do they benefit from you? Do you feed on the earth’s wonders and serenity?

Are you a vigorous, ferocious, yet misunderstood carnivore. Do you live for the pain, the horror, the violence? Is your life opulent, vividly mysterious. Do you need the love?

We are all parts of the nature. Whatever we’re doing, we’re contributing to the cycle of mankind. It’s the wheel of life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That’s how it works. Whether you’re the deer or the lion, you contribute to the wild. Whether you’re a saint or a sinner, you contribute to morals. Whether you’re corrupt or honest, you contribute to the country.

Mutualism. Parasitism. Commensalism.

Predator. Prey


Rich. Poor

Business. Art. Science


Once upon a time I was wilder than the wind. I feed on the fluorescent bubbles of the night sky. I live under the, security of having support. Of having a pact, of being strong on the natural selection. We don't need nobody, cause we got each other. It's really delusional to befriend with people you CAN'T trust.

You’re just a Do--Do baby boo. You live under the shadows of believing the flight will bring you up, but watch out for the hunters. In fact, you can't even fly. Watch out your delusions. Watch out for the bullets. Watch out for your cardboard installations. Stop Living in Mirages.

T-Rex. Oh T-Rex. Didn't they get the point of extinction? This ain't Jurassic World. It's New York City.

The water is hotter up in the cold. The waters colder on the hotter days. What kind of specimen fails to lay offspring from their DNAs? Those who survive. Those who apparently make it through the survival of the fittest. Those who work twice harder. Those who don't rely on their kind. Those who don't come in pacts of betrayal, weakness, and an awful sense of skin shedding. And fashion. Irrelevant.

Didn’t you remember how I made you legit? I’m taking down your Vogue Italia picture.

And your relevance out of my life.

Veni Vidi Vici

I came.
I saw.
I conquered

Enough about the weak. Show me your teeth. Tell me the truth. Ray of Light, Art Saved My Life.

Down in the meadows, I had the age of the tortoise. Hundreds of years. I hide inside a heavy shell, Scared, but almost immortal. But then I’m the snake. Toxic, poisonous, yet beautiful. Taboo, feared, yet celebrated. My Anaconda don’t want none unless you’re


Today we live under the fear of being overpowered by anything that comes in our way. The sky is not the limit, we reach for the stars to keep having impossible goals. Richer, prettier, more established. Wiser, yet a bigger spender. We comment “goals” on everything that seems “hip” and “cool”. “Squad Goals af!”. Who needs a pack when you’re a lone wolf, up in the Himalayans. When you’re as undiscovered as a yeti, but when you appear--------


When you’re hunted by wolves, hunt them back.
When you're endangered, make sure you're one of a kind
When you shed your skin, outgrow your past

Call me Reinhardt.
Not TPS.
The Photographic Sense is not a name to be called by basics.
I swear this is the last post to peek down to the past. This is not the agenda to
Make friends. Or stay irrelevant.

Leviathan. Behemoth. Nessie. Mermaid. Sirens. Garuda. Gryphon. Chimera. Centaur. Cerberus. Jabberwocky. Golem. Hydra. Imp. Medusa. Minotaur. Mothman. Ogre. Unicorns. Pegasus. Phoenix. Yeti. Sasquatch. Sphinx. Werewolf. Vampires. Zombie. Trolls. Fairies. Elves. Gargoyles. Griffin. Harpy. Wendigo. Big Foot. Madremonte. Valkyrie. Hercules. Kelpie. Banshee. Kitsune. Naga. La Guita Xica. Xana. Alp. Baba Yaga. Pontianaks. Vodnik. Encantado. Jikininki. Manananggal. Lilith. Jorogumo.