Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ezmia: A Villainous Perspective

What if Cinderella’s stepmother had a rough childhood? What if the Evil Queen lost a lover? What if The Little Mermaid’s deal is just another cultural offense?. I believe that, a villain possesses the same qualities as the hero or the heroine, and due to that in the end of the day, the bad guy is a bad guy because their story hasn’t been told yet.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Can(Cer) Cure!

“The reality is, sometimes you lose, and you’re never too good to lose, you’re never too big to lose, you’re never too smart to lose, it happens, and it happens when it needs to happen. And you have to embrace those things.” –Beyonce Knowles (Self Titled Part 2. Imperfection).

The quote above already describes my whole mood particularly after a submission towards a particular magazine. Somehow I seem to, lose a lot, on the beginning of each year. I’m however, embracing it as much as Beyonce is embracing that new weave and booty.

Here are the pieces.

1.      1.The World In My Hands
I believe that strength can lead to power, to the ability to speak out and almost control the world in the most fabulous way. To liquefy what you wear and what you believe in. In wearing the best red cloak and looking your best even with the softest colors, brightening up the edge. In being a powerful individual even though the world may alienate.

2.     2.Duplicate The Strength-Cells
Cells divide, duplicate itself towards cell walls, this is how cancer spreads, as the cancer cells just spreads the destruction little by little. I believe that when the cancer cells duplicate, an immunity in the form of strength, a physical yet psychological factor can spread and withstand the factors that overcome the individual at first, making the survivor a winner.


3.     Androgynous
I decided to promote both sides of masculinity and femininity through this picture. I hate how stereotypically my messages always may only appear to support the women as it is a fashion shoot celebrating the power of the female. As a male, I also feel the sympathy towards male survivors. I believe that everyone is a warrior against every single kind of cancer.

4.     4.Alien
This piece directly aims onto breast cancer survivors, already demonstrated by the pink ribbon and the breast covered. I believe that being alien, being against the world or different is beautiful, but that moment is a moment of strength, a moment where you can mark your own territory and just be, FLAWLESS.

5.     5.Upside Down-Downside Up
Cancer, I believe, is a factor that changes lives. But we can always go in reverse, when everything seems, just wrong. I believe its only a matter of perspective, we can always do the exact opposite. Believe that whatever happens before was bad and now is good. See the good in everything, find love in the darkest places. Believe in the paradox of living.

6.     6.Chemotherapy
This process is where all the hair falls off due to the heat, but I’m trying to show how the shape may change but beautifully the heat comes marching in, forming power, forming a realization that everything will be alright in some sort of ways. A process of curing, of cancuring-from the cancer. My favorite piece on how the flare of a generation can light up from inspiring stories, to be a monument to the ones inferior to themselves. To love themselves.

However, I got published for another magazine, which basically redeems the lost I have to go through. I realized that, losing has to happen when it needs to, and that you have to remain proud and strong, because the loss is what makes us champions. There is no utopia or dystopia in life, I believe. There’s always a light grey in black and dark grey in white. You will ALWAYS have those flaws that defines your art.

Since I believe my art has grown onto it’s maturity, a particular phase I believe grow and meets itself in one point I believe it does, it’s not again about how good you are, it’s more on how, is it acceptable to their particular taste. It’s an equality of just being, who you are inside, the composition of photography works like that, and I believe no boundaries are supposed to NOT be broken.

Perfection does not mean flawless. Flawless, however, means imperfection to me. I know the statement above may seem ironic as flawless means no flaws. However, the way I see it, the flaws makes a picture flawless due to it’s imperfection. It makes an image less perfect, or more like, more interesting, holding more meaning and live.

I woke up like this

I know this post haven’t sounded too, awareness-sounding as I was talking about my personal experience above. Now, let’s take a moment and think about every person we met on the streets today. Isn’t it fascinating, and scary, how one of them maybe in a suicidal phase where no one could encourage them, and whether one of them just got a promotion, and how one of them is fighting cancer and makes the most of his or her own life?.

I believe that cancer exists for a reason, like everyone else. I personally never had any experiences of me or a part of my family who is fighting cancer. However, if you are fighting cancer, I’m just going to say this sentence to you.

“Never ever ever let a factor of your life define who you are, overcome it, be superior to it, and fight it to your fullest, then your survival will inspire, because you are bigger than your disease. Wake up Flawless, Don’t Let The Flaws Of The Day Affect You. End Up The Day Flawless”.

This portfolio is dedicated to the strong ones, to the ones fighting every single thing their life fights, to the ones who suffer from diseases which seem, impossible to beat. The diseases that seem to take away someone’s age, to limit them from growing older. The factors that forces them to make the most out of their lives. Sometimes, Heaven surely can’t wait for some people. It takes an immense amount of guts to just defeat cancer, but it takes love to fight it throughout till the very end.

The reason I used a bald-manipulated model is that, since the mood board incorporated many bald elements, I decided to play with fire. I’ve always had the fascination with the oval-roundness of the human head. It’s just so uniquely strong, a mold breaker, but in the same time, almost like an egg, like humpty dumpty who fell from the wall. I believe that everyone should have the chance to vomit out their mind, their ideas in being strong. What if the person who knows how to cure cancer doesn’t get the chance to speak out and fits in the ordinary? What if the person who knows how to cure cancer doesn’t receive enough education and dies in poverty somewhere in the world?. I believe that ideas come from strength, from power, and from glory.

I believe that the best way to finally die is to live as a legend, to live as a teaching and a blessing to the ones in the state of living, to help them go through their days, through their weeks, then months, then eventually years, decades, even millenniums. To be an inspiration to the ones thinking they’re not good enough, or smart enough, or brave enough, or even pretty enough. To break the boundaries of what society offers, the superficial judgmental world, lingering in the back of our minds. This is what we should fight to break boundaries, to live to the very fullest.

I’ve always been a boundary-breaking fashioned individual, but what I am referring here is different from my mainstream. Sometimes, some of us find it a blessing to have a long life, with no threats of the limitations of a short life span that we live everyday like it’s just another day to kick back and enjoy the day, while the ones that don’t have too much time left tend to make the most out of their lives. This is what I am aware of, our age isn’t determined or classified by the (previously mentioned) supposedly inferior diseases. Some people tend to just keep count of their time span in misery, which may lead onto depression and well, an unfortunate ending. I believe that, diseased or not, we should live everyday like it’s our last, no matter what happens, tomorrow may be there or not, but is a new day.

In the end of the day, Cancer is a fight, it’s a call of nature for the ones STRONG enough, to be an inspiration to the rest of the world, for the ones who can survive in the bloodstreams of their fingertips, the ones who may end up dying in the fight PROUD, and definitely, the ones who are POWERFUL and DETERMINED, HISTORY makers who will make a change in the process of finding the cure and forming a better, loving, caring world.

This post may be mislead to a negative way, but what I’m just trying to say is just that, the awareness I’m trying to spread is being aware of, are you really alive or not. I believe that it’s not the quantity of time spend which is important in living, but the QUALITY. Whatever faith you believe in, the afterlife seeks for the factors you performed in living, and in the end of the day, living life to the fullest, staying happy, and to love basically sums up the jewelof living---the jewel of the tye dye halcyon.

“Everyone Dies, but Not Everyone Lives” –Jessie J (Gold)

We Can(Cer) Cure!
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model. Nadia Nathania (GlamRockLady)
MUA/Hairstylist. Shelley Sebastian.