Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Perfect Stranger.

Love has it's own ways in life, we may have encountered events on meeting people whom somehow we've encountered in another time, another dimension. Could've he been a lover of mine, or could've she been the grandmother of my children? There's always this nostalgic, pre-deja vu sort of feeling on our encounters in life..
Recently, as I'm travelling right now(many of you might've been checking out my pictures on instagram of me being at the Maldives a.k.a Paradise), I read a book released on the 2009s called "ICE" by Sarah Beth Durst. It's a beautiful retelling of the tale "East of The Sun West of The Moon" which is a classical Inuit tale of the polar bear and the girl. It's as if, we were someone on our past lives, going through cycles of souls, in order to make the world "work". I am a fan-well a believer of the Christianity, but these kind of theories somehow interest me, urging me to write about it.
Truthfully, sometimes I have dreams-visions of being with someone of the past. What if I invented something? What if I was the successful dreamer? What if I made a revolution? these kind of key ideas had urged me to finally motivate myself in life-motivating me in every single way, in order to make the time I have worth the wait, worth the success I deserve.

As an artist, these pictures already spoke on their own, shades of blue, china town, two strangers implemented on a slightly ghetto version of harajuku with a slight touch of the 1950s, BAM. You have a sip of Marie Antoinette Tea with Sake and Whiskey altogether. Personally I've had always wanted to shoot on the particular area, the down sides of Pasar Atum, a.k.a the ultimate source of knockoffs, fake films, good-unhealthy, quite cheap feasting, and to be honest, my textile store!.
Even though this shoot personally isn't a favorite of mine(I did love it when I was shooting it), they deserve to express their own view, how each picture are just brutal on it's own. Like f yeah bro we're shooting on the crowd, of course we might know one of these bitches from our past lives, probably?
Life, recently, has taught me something. Be crazy, but don't be a lunatic. Our boundaries are limitless, but we have to hold back sometimes, I know this is so against what I believe, but don't let anything hurt yourself back. And the fact that your instincts speak of the future. Recently suddenly out of nowhere my phone plays a song, and sure enough I didn't pull it out, BAM, it hit sea water. and yes, missy ROXTHEFOX, I shouldn't get a new blackberry since it's being a lunatic everytime lol.

I know this post isn't particularly long, since I'm on vacation and am currently too bored to brag around, so I'm going to sum up a conclusion here. Life is a boundless view itself, we will never know what comes ahead, and who is that perfect stranger. Just remember to hold on to your instincts, and never regret, even though how hard things had always been.

(Oh and I dont mention PhotoVogue features anymore since writing too much of them can just seem so cheap and tacky y'all)

PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Models.Stefandy Yanata Hariono, Izzy Christopher
PAR Assistant/Stylist.  S.Natasia Aurellia
MUA. Cicilia Budiono