Sunday, July 21, 2013

All The Way To The Halcyon Days.


Ok, so the wait is over! "All The Way To The Halcyon Days" is finally up on Wattpad which you guys can click here! So basically I did peek you guys my perception of the story and how it revolves through the atmosphere, an implementation of a better living through time travel. What I've been basically comprehending these days are to change your life without basically changing who you are as an individual, how we all live in a rebirth, and change without changing at all. It's like being a snake, how you can basically change your skin without changing who you are, as being a tougher core with a tougher heart.

IMG_2814 1

"All The Way To The Halcyon Days" is also a collaboration of my writing and my photographs, the vulnerability of the story itself, being a part of the inner part of my artistic core, how I travel to many places and transform these particles of memories to living art, to art pieces that mean so much to me, which can freeze strangers, going all like "wow, that is just, wow". As a revolutionary work implementing how the pretty needs to be witty enough, how a shadow only needs an extra shade in it, and how the most contrasting picture may not always have a message as powerful as normal greyscale. How each shade comprehends a specific time.

IMG_9619 1

So I'm going sneak you guys several picks that will soon be up on my tumblr page. I will later post pictures that are really meaningful to me alongside 2013 itself, because this year itself is a revolutionary for myself for better days, as a challenge to reach the state of Halcyon itself. A strong implementation of both art and freedom. I'm going to collage up these pictures and post their final forms on my tumblr page. Stay tuned, unions! Love Y'all. (P.S. These pictures are A SMALL PART only one of the unions from All The Way To The Halcyon Days) itself, this section is called "EIDIE".