Friday, November 15, 2013

Hybrid IV.


Experimental -- that is probably where I am heading right now. Babe, please, mainstream is so last year. I decided to really grant myself a long granted wish--to evolute through the form of art. Don't you love those days when you evolved your starter Pokemon to it's final form? Well, I'm still on that phase-really proud on my Pokemon Party(sorry I had to blabber a lot about this). This portfolio is a reformation of the human body itself. A futuristic, immature look towards how the world would've been if we evolve and adapt in a whole new, exoskeleton-involving method.

Hybrid IV

Under the control of nature and science, the feeling of lingering for a whole new life, a rebirth, a reformation of the human nature forms deep inside us. What if whatever we see is a lie, and what if everything she thought of was built under a lie? What if the Sun rises from the North and goes down on the South instead? What if there was a monochromatic rainbow? What if OUR HUMAN BODY IS INCOMPLETE, AND WE NEED A FINAL MISSING PIECE?


We perceive the idea to be a metaphor. More hands to either help or harm. More eyes to either visualize or watch. More lips to either persuade or gossip. More ears to either listen or hurt. More legs to either run or scratch. All of these being formed onto one question, is it possible to do so?.

Humans dreamt of flying, like birds, airplanes are then invented to grant the wish of "flying". Technically, a vehicle is being built. But the idea of modifying ourselves, our mindsets, the possibility of the human nature helps grant this wish, who could've thought of the wheel that goes round the helicopter? Could this be a visualization of our hands going round in circles, forming such kinetic energy that forms a Blastoise-level rapid spin.


We dreamt of seeing things that happens on other places, we used or probably still believe in the homeless gypsies that live under their own control of loneliness. These two factors, visuals and loneliness--- they, I believe, possibly form televisions and computers. A fast access towards the world through the screen. Accessing informations as fast as the speed of the wind. In the art of loneliness these work--we are focused on a media that keeps us sane. That logically or artistically gives us the space to be entertained or think.


The past dreams of listening to things they can only hear. The art of privacy had always been controversial and a taboo. But everyone requires their own privacy at times, too. We then, meet passwords, headphones, and such audio devices that are only targeted to us. As if they are being limited onto a certain frequency of sound only the particular individual can listen to--as if it was a bat hunt.


These three are possibly the examples of visualizing what we want to experience more--what we don't expect to be a part of our wish as it becomes a part of our daily access individuals. We are attached to it like a parasite--we can never get enough of it, basically. However, these are realistic procedures, what was sci-fi to the past, and what is possibility to our tech-culture. Now, I'm going to move on to what is Sci-Fi to these days.

Lets just visualize ourselves with our new evolutions. Terrifying, I suppose. That's possibility the first thing that comes in mind. Because what we comprehend to be realistic and beautiful, or ugly and depressing, are being altered onto an alienic form. Something that definitely has it's own form of beauty, but is an alien to the terrestrial state. Which is always a possibility to raise life efficiency, this could be a form of scientific adaptation. A man-made modification. A possibility to the future.


What I find just as equally beautiful is a whole new state of culture. I believe that I culture-bend things, because in the end of the day, our imperfections are being reflected on our culture. And dreaming is probably part of The Photographic Sense's culture, my kind's niche(pardon me for the scientific references, I just had my ESS test earlier today). The particular kind of difference that is just indifferent. The fact that we are still ourselves but we are basically elevated onto a whole new level of productivity.

One of the reasons I did the portfolio was because that I find such beauty in the hybrid imagery, the future of the human race, I suppose. The backbones and the diamonds of living. We had always been seen as the most intelligent creature, that is probably why we have our own sanity to see anything that isn't "humane" to be an alien. I want to promote the "alienic" beauty towards the society. How we can be or how we could have been.


It is true that the amount of artistry implemented here is massive. But what is even more massive is that the body modification, the process onto being a hybrid is a work of art. Our demands, our hopes, our dreams, and on the contradictions, our insecurities, our fears, our loathe, they all then form the Hybrid Mind of ourselves. Standing on the next level of ourselves. Being a more modern, high-tech state, having a clearer, more diverse mindset.


We always seek for monsters, but overtime, we realize that they live inside of us. Being a cliche statement. This is probably one of the most superficial statements of the body modifications I try to promote. We see monsters to be monsters due their unusual, intimidating feature. We find it so since they look superior and are not like us. Not like what our mindset sees as normal. Then visualizing these to be monsters. To be a horrendous creature. We've seen monster movies involving stitches and blood and so, but why not a whole new evolution race being accepted by their own kind? We've seen aliens living on a human host, a popular Stephanie Meyer novel, but then we never see stories about us liberating ourselves and using the soul as a guide towards living/

Finalizing the whole portfolio, what I'm trying to say is that, why can't we all just turn our body onto a canvas? why can't we just alter reality with the artistry we demand? Why can't we just fly and soar up the sky? Why are there boundaries? Simple, because we have our limiting factors, why don't we just dream of a better, boundary-less future, where we can just be our inner monsters to our state today?


Hey guys! long time no toaks!! As you guys might've known, I won Garuda Indonesia Goes To School's Competition with Silvia Siantar, sending me, and a fellow blogger Wulan Wu to Singapore. I am highly anticipating the day since I'd get to hang out with my friends who are now studying there. Can't wait to do so. Got so much work to do and share to you guys. Until next time, I guess? Love y'all UNIONS!


A Hybrid Can Withstand These Things.



  1. WOW this post is totally amazing! I really love the style of the shoot :) X Anna

  2. LOVE the editing & concept! amazing photos as always :)


  3. awesome pieces! i followed you!


  4. WOW!!! this is so amazing! your picture, how you edit them and the concept!!! <3

  5. wow these photos are pure art <3

  6. So Cool!!
    love the editing and the concept :D


  7. those pict are awesome !

  8. Brilliant work you have there!<33
    i always amaze by your work, she look so gorgeous in every way!!<3
    keep inspire<3

  9. babe, i can't put in the words how much I love those pics and how amazingly they go with what you wrote. i think human race crave to be perfect, as beautiful as possible without realising that it isn't natural, it isn't how it's meant to be - i sometimes see uglieness as something rare but underrated, isn't ugly a new beauty sometimes tbh? I find myself more attracted to imperfect people and places as I see them more REAL than all those shining glamorous bitch i'm perfect. our perfection is what we are and not what we could have been if we tried to be more like dolls than living beings. as your beloved and mine like lady G said, we were born this way, love yourself and you're set. dreaming about hybrids may be odd as they're seen as monsters, but maybe the one it's going to be how you should look to be miss universe. uglieness is magnetic and perfection is boring; we should seek for new borders of visions; we should ESTABLISH them.

  10. Kenneth, congratulations about winning that price. You totally deserve it as your artwork really attaches to the modern sense. Hybridity is totally happening and even without reading your words I can feel the message of as in Frankenstein's monster: will humanity get more perfect or more differentated by hybridity?

    * MlleWanderlust ✡

  11. Haven't been in blogspot for a while and here you are Reinhardt, succesfully creating such a magnificent photographs.
    I really love your wicked idea in your work! Good shot composed with a outstanding idea will always be a good pair. Good job!