Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Lady of The Lunar.

Ancestry holds an essence in believing in ourselves, believing in what we are, and where we basically come from. Like shades of embroidery and a stream of love coming down, cultural heritage is preserved like all the glimmer the world reaches, because that's where the world grows within, the past, which is preserved like all of the symbols.
Like emerald the world turns around, burning bright like a diamond of a dragon, like ruby, the world then turns like all the bravery and the pain the glory preserves, with all of the drips of passion running down a vein, the world becomes red, like the last essence of a dragon. Like honey then, the world bears all the sweetness, all the gold, all of the richness, all of the prosperity, wealth, and best of all of the luck preserved.
Like empowerment, culture turns out throughout like an anthem, like an essence, like a cultural inheritance, like an indescribable misty running throughout the veins and the family tree. Culture runs within and through, culture is all the blethering beauty the world then views and seeks through.
Like a dragon rising, and departing from the year, it rises and burns, like all the fire burning like a song, like a melody so sweet burning a skin towards nothing but the best of wealth in the next 12 years, then a snake rises, a snake rises like all of the intelligence preserved, the anthem to win, the anthem to think for themselves, and the essence of the wealth preserved.
I am a creature of my own culture, I am a creature of all of the embroideries dripping down the skin, the beautiful culture, the colors dancing like a petal of prosper and grace. Unbearable disgrace dies, and just all of the aura rises up and throughout, like flying cherry blossoms under spring. Like all the wealth live preserves. To the Lady of The Lunar. The Lady of The Dragon. The Lady of The Wealth.

GONG XI FAT CHOI from THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-let the snake shine your paths! 
PhotoVogue Features:
The Lady of The Lunar
The Lady of The Lunar
The Lady of The Dragon
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Diana Putri