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The Photographic Sense Travels to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia!

TPST Some of you might have known that before visiting the exquisite Maldives, I stayed several nights on one of my favorite places in the world, Singapore. I’ve had always been fond of the city, even though it has boundaries on being a rather small island, it’s independence towards the world as a city and a country is remarkably amusing. What is even more amusing is that even though it is a South-East Asian country, it’s remarkable architecture and luxuries, and also famous for it’s source of studies has attracted multinational tourists, also the fact that it has this beautiful mixture, a marriage between the Western Night Life and the still Rich Eastern (highly influenced by the Chinese and the Malaysian/Indonesian culture). Due to that, this country never fails to roar through the names of the world, being one of Asia’s must-go destinations. 
tpsvoguePhotoVogue Pictures off My Singapore Trip.

Countless celebrities has held concerts and visited the island, we all still remember the Katy Perry Pool Party on top of Marina Bay Sands and the anticipation towards the F1 event, inviting names from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, The Killers, Maroon 5, and many more.

My love has only grown more for the island ever since I’ve started settling in the Art and Fashion world. It’s appreciation for art and it’s open-minded theory is favorable for an Asian country. Countless high-end brands, and more-versatile-affordable shops varying from Topshop to Hermes has been one of the main reasons too for countless tourists, especially the ones which don’t have a complete choice of shops to visit. (and I appreciate the fact that I can rock any beanie or cap there without being seen as one of the freaky swaggy guys).

7/11 Booth-Louis Vuitton Display-Singapore Harper's Bazaar Editorial Fair-A Unicorn on Top of A Carousel
I decided to start my Singapore trip with my airport-esque outfit. That including a local brand UK flag-decorated t-shirt, a pair of AX skinny jeans, my new favorite pair of light-hued grey suede sneakers I got from Zara, and my new, favorite trolley with a bright yellow-hue. (I lost the picture to this outfit since my phone got soaked). I was about to rock the simple outfit with my favorite hobo-esque denim cap I got from China but the fact that I died my hair sun-kissed auburn the night before stops me from doing so. I missed the city SO MUCH that I started jamming to The City by Madeon featuring Zak Waters, in appreciation towards my admiration to the metropolis view of the city and of course, reading “ICE” by Sarah Beth Durst, which is inspired by the Inuit Legend.

 I went to Singapore with one of my favorite airlines, Garuda Indonesia. The trip was as if it was Timeless, it’s variety choice of songs and entertainment got me jamming to a mixture of Calvin Harris’ electropop, Ellie Goulding’s syth-pop, and the fragility of Dido’s sound, being an angelic version of Lana Del Rey’s dark-angel-like voice. In fact, I’m actually waiting for my Bali flight with Garuda. What I love from the flight is just the pure hospitality the flight just gives, also presented with traditional songs made onto an Orchestra on the background. The hospitality is just a beautiful fusion of both the Eastern ways and the slight Western touches, also being completed with beautiful hues of blue of security. The presentation made towards the whole ride as a performance of hospitality is just too lovely!.

One of the highlights of my outfit would be my marigold trolley, I am just head over heels in love with it, I’m more of a green-addict, but yellow would do me anytime, I feel like a fire fighter or a minion-inspired creature gone chic!(Crisp, yet just abstract Fashion is just such a fun statement)(Scroll down for a picture of the trolley, and since I lost my outfit pictures, do go on instagram and check for the tag #thephotographicsensetravels for my videos!)

(Top Left)-Hotel, (Rest) Takashimaya's Asian Food Court.
I recorded tons of short videos on instagram on my first day, due to my excitement. I stayed at Mandarin Hotel due to it’s location, being effective enough to roam through the shops on Orchard, so I decided to CHANGE MY OUTFIT (LAUGHS LIKE CLEVELAND BROWN). I paired my favorite body-fitted mint and tangerine striped shirt with still the same Zara shoes, a pair of shorts with a slightly lighter grey-hue color, and a Stewie(from Family Guy) cap I bought from MyCloset by Felicia Wijaya. However, I bought nothing, since nothing suits my demand JUST YET. I, with my greatest excitement, found Tidal by Amanda Hocking, which is a part of the Watersong which I have been reading a lot lately, you guys NEED to have the series, Hocking is just a genius on her whole story telling process, trust me, you’ll start demanding a siren-spiced life!.
We did a bit of a shopping spree but I found nothing, well, I actually found something fattening. For the first time, ever, in my life, I tried Laduree Macaroons. Trust me, it’s like a bunch of sweetness and just the perfect tastes coming together, I chose a Pistachio and a Marie Antoinette Macaroon for me, and Jesus Christ I hope I don’t end up addicted!. I was like, ZUPPER hungry around several hours sooner so we decided to go eat our dinner at Crystal Jade, I forgot what mall it was at since all I see is malls there, but it really was a top notch choice. Being a luxurious, Chinese Food restaurant, it’s delicacy of the whole traditional Chinese taste, modernized by (I bet) amazing cooking skills, the restaurant has never failed to deliver the right amount of consistency of delicacy. The spotlight would definitely land on the Shark Fin soup, it’s thinness and Asian-esque delicacy is just an exquisite way to start everyone’s trip with!.(though I’m starting to commit to stop earing shark fin, It’s NOT that healthy and the violence towards the supposedly-conserved sharks are just, beyond cruel.
Laduree-Crystal Jade's Lobster-Me with My Mum(@dianamputri)-Me with my Sister and Her Friend!
I went to one of the must-go places the next day. (read:Universal Studios). Tbh, I’m more of a Disney kid, but the rest of the people I’m going with (read:occupied with children) joins force for a Universal Studios trip. SO, yeah. It was a weekend, so it was pretty packed, as the pack of people(well, my family, and my dad’s friend’s family) hates queuing. So we decided to get the VIP Pass(the one Adam Lambert actually took!)
Gold Plate Hands-Pop Corn Bus(Me As Pharaoh with a Cap)-ELMO!-Bumblebee Car
Waterworld-Statues-Roller Coaster-Transformers The Ride
My bro watching water world-Selfie with my bro-Madagascar!-A Plane on Waterworld
The Dino ate MY HEAD-Rust
So for the rest of the day I was like walking down the streets and just going in and out of rides with a private guide while everyone else queues for like 90 minutes *ghetto snaps* mmhmm. It would be my favorite feature on the trip, just walking like a VIP guest is beyond exciting. My favorite spot there would be the Mummy Space and most definitely the Hollywood Road. I’m a fan of the Egyptian symbolism, such as the eye of horus and such, so the place just caught my eye!(and I even bought a symbolized cap), what I just love about Hollywood would be it’s festivity, and Monroe’s appearance is just my favorite. I don’t get people who like Audrey more than Marilyn, I mean, Marilyn is ICONIC. I wanted to do an occult one eye pose with her, like the ones you read on the internet, but she was just too sweet I can’t bear talking to her sultry-ness haha!. The fairytale-Shrek land would be another favorite of mine, this would be like the Mini-Disneyland kind of view. Though I love the fact that Shrek promotes non-attractive characters, what really differs Universal from the Disney would be the imperfection of the fairy tale characters, it’s almost as if it was motivational.
Autographs-Woody, Phraoh, Woody
Robin Thicke's Long Lost Brother-Shrek with my mum and sister-Dino on Sesame Street-Me as Transformers
Big Bird on The Spaghetti Ride-Elmo on top of Spaghettis-Marilyn Messing with My Cap(Oh Does that Mean I should Obey you? Of course I'm like KENNEdy)-Frankenstein messing around
The waterworld show, I believe, was everyone’s favorite, it’s just, a whole new view of such spectacular effects and story lines, it’s so futuristic yet so traditional, I just love the whole set, and the fact that I watched it on top of everyone else on the VIP Space is the best part!. Another highlight would be taking pictures with the whole Madagascar(except for Melman and Marty) family, whereas it’s pretty much the exclusive thing you get on the VIP Tour(and a limited edition pin), I am just so in love with King Julien we even took selfies(I’m not gonna post them due to my intolerable double chins). Our guide, I found out, was as young as I am, and I think she’s some sort of intern or so, now that I’m writing this post, I feel the guilt of forgetting to send her the pictures, I hope by the time I sort out the pictures, I find the slip of paper she wrote her email at, or else it would be fate. Hahaha. Other eye candies would be the Elmo Spaghetti Ride which is such a QT, the 3D Transformers Ride, and the Mummy Roller Coaster Ride(I was so devastated since the supper steep and high roller coaster in blue, white, and red was under construction *pouts*. I visited an H&M shop afterwards, and I ended up buying this really cool Jurassic Park shirt on H&M instead of buying one at Universal, it just randomly attracts my eye, alongside with the Stewie shirt I bought my brother since he’s a hardcore fan of Family Guy, I, however, prefer laughing to Cleveland Brown. Anyways, afterwards I tried one of the best icecreams, which is shaped like a pyramid based on an all seeing eye shaped(I had a picture of the cone only on my phone, whereas all the pictures on my phone went poof-ing away). The matcha ice cream is just beyond perfect, like I NEED MORE, LIKE RIGHT NOW.
Hokkaido Ice Cream-Fall Out Boy Walking Poster-H&M
For the Universal trip, I wore my former favorite leopard shirt from Topman I purchased in Bali, a pair of amethyst colored shorts alongside, my favorite OBEY cap in red with leopard print details, and a pair of green colored flip flops I got from Hush Puppies.
Aiko and My Mum in Lagoon-Street Entertainer-Corn Bread Icecream-Street Entertainer
It wasn’t really a long trip, and we are departing the next morning, so we decided to spend the day shopping. I was so happy knowing a relative of mine actually managed the time to buy me this Givenchy masterpiece. I’m so obsessed with the whole Mother Mary imagery back then. I knew that I’d only wear It for a season, since it’s not a long lasting trend, but I just bought it anyway. Everyone else wore shorts so I paired them with my navy blue denim shorts which is a vintage(and it looks skinny omg I’m just so happy at my old wardrobe). I paired them with the same shoes since I just don’t wear flip flops if it isn’t a beach state(or FORCED state like the previous day), and I actually wore no hats, embracing the minimal. Instead, the sun did a good job shining my hair, it looks as if it was an extract of a gingerish-auburn sun-kissed tone. I just love the shading it gives, my skin is pretty much sensitive(I easily get hair rashes from the slightest things), so I only had the top part of my hair dyed, giving it an ombre, deep-dye-ish look.
I have a thing for street photography, whereas could be also known as photographing random strangers on the streets, though I hardly have the guts to do so, which is why I have a limited amount of Street Photography, I just have so much amusement with these random people, they just bring a lot of, random artistic aspirations, I guess.

Mum in Reflection-Street Photograpy-Cups-Panorama
So, we had lunch at another Chinese restaurant at Takashimaya as I end up being scolded for spending a long routine on choosing which book I should buy, ending up with Chris Colfer’s “The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell” which I just adore too much towards my heart. Afterwards, I bought my favorite Singaporean ice cream, the corn ice cream just compliments the bread so much it’s as if it was a sweet-savory, yet cold sandwich. I was just so thrilled afterwards since we decided to stop by Topshop(and Topman). I looked at the catalogue and I fell in love with some pieces, though everything I wanted wasn’t there, and there was like a hanger of clothes which come by the price of like $10, which I don’t end up buying since it’s just way too basic(it was a discount period and the new collection haven’t really fully came). However, when I accidentally saw these pair of ankle-height, boots-esque, wood brown, suede ankle boots which I just fell in love towards. The best thing about it is that it comes by the price of $19, It was after a future reduction discount, and I was all like hell yeah I need to have the pair. I end up buying the pair even if it’s like 2 sizes bigger than my originally, surprisingly, pretty small feet. I actually made one more appearance at night, in my “pajamas”. I actually was so thrilled about Maldives that I wore an urban Coconut Island oversized t-shirt with a pair of mint pants, I needed to get some water and even more ice cream, so I layered it up with my denim jacket and my favorite Topshop Genius Beanie. Unfortunately, my phone, as some of you might have known, got soaked by water at the Maldives, this concluding all of my cellphone pictures to disappear like dust.
Laduree Stack-Aiko and her Wooble Eyes Dolls-Mermaid Cow-Laduree
I had a long packing night, since my brother pretty much bothered me with funny black videos(I’m not trying to sound racist but these stuff are just SO hilarious in it’s black guy-esque). I actually end up lip sync-ing towards Bonnie Mckee’s ‘American Girl” with my brother ,which went, around the union corner, viral, though only sending it to my friends. I deleted it due to it not being professional enough for my feed.

My last day includes another daily doze of denim on denim, I wore my camouflaged, FIERCE spread cap, with a layered denim jacket, a pair of my AX skinnies, my favorite Palm Trees and Hibiscus Flower-Spread Baseball Tee from Zara and my brand new babies!. This actually ends up my Singapore trip for the instant, but I truly am happy I got to visit the country, I hope one day Singapore will be a part of The Photographic Sense’s view on the making of my career, which I have the feelings will be my huge leap.
Raindrops-Where I Stand-ICE by Sarah Beth Durst-Planes
Marina Bay Sands Shades!
But that's not the end of the trip, after a week and 4 days at the Maldives, I actually WENT BACK to Singapore, I arrived quite late, since Maldives to Singapore is like a 6 hour ride. I actually forgot to bring out my pajamas which is quite annoying so I end up sleeping in a bath robe. The trip back to Surabaya was an evening ride, so we decided to go to Marina Bay Sands.

Transport-Transport-Kraze Burgers-Singapore Flyer!
What I absolutely adore from Marina is that it's just a definition of the future, I mean, you can swim on top of Singapore and have a shopping experience and drink slurpees afterwards, it's not something you can just have everywhere. This is probably one of Singapore's strongest proof. We went around and shopped(I didn't buy anything, sadly), and we had lunch at Kraze Burger. The crab burger is an absolute recommend from me, it's just the perfect mixture of the Eastern and the Western, it's just, the perfect amount of spice. It wasn't really a long stroll around Marina, since an early check in at Changi is NEVER wrong.
Marina Bay Sands-A Cult View from my Hotel Room-Butterflies!
Changi, being the world's most favorable airport, is like, a mixture of the ancestry, the bling, and just, the flight. I just adore how the stores line up inside the airport is just so accessable towards everyone. Airport shopping, right there, is just a whole new level. I don't remember buying anything, but one of the highlights would be the butterfly park. It's just, so, beautiful, I've always had an amazement for the insect, and they're basically everywhere, it's just, a pure implementation of the beauty of creation, it's just, lovely. I also bought a new book(hooray!) which is Neil Gaiman's latest masterpiece, "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane" which is like his first adult fiction novel after a long time, if you like supernatural, slightly disturbing, cold fiction, you need to have it, it's just, so, beyond the big bang theory.

Anyways, here are another set of my Summer Playlist, a Good Read, TIPS on travelling towards Singapore, and a new sneak peek of my interview with The Scenic Route: The Photographic Sense: The Momentary. XO Unions
Don’t hesitate just travel, Don’t think twice just Stay Tunes! #thephotographicsensetravels.

Good Read: The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell


1) The City(ft. Zak Waters)- Madeon
2)We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus
3)American Girl-Bonnie Mckee
4)The Way(ft. Mac Miller)- Ariana Grande
5)Thinking Of You- Ke$ha
6)Bel Air-Lana Del Rey
7)Rock N Roll-Avril Lavigne
8)Proof- Paramore
  9)Thrift Shop(feat. Wanz)- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
10)It’s My Party- Jessie J
11)Halcyon- Ellie Goulding
 12) Neon Lights- Demi Lovato


  1. Reinhardt, so honored to comment as the 1st. I like the fact what I said in your Maldives story (sorry MALDIVES instead of Maladives) that you can have fun and still create as an artist. Also, I like this personal story about Bali. I agree about Marilyn and it's not all about her sex-goddess status but the mystery as well: did you know she didn't have an orgasm with any man until the last year of her life? I mean, the most sexualised woman ever never encountered a guy who could please her or she was too shy to tell them what should have been done? Amazing! (the article

  2. amazing picture gallery, when will you make your own photographs exhibition, Kenneth? I would gladly to visit someday when you held it. My favorite outfit is the one which you awesomely rock that Givenchy. I love your new header too, somehow reminds me of Gaga's Born This Way.

  3. wooo a superb beautiful trip photographs you have there reindhardt!!
    i'm so in love with all your graphs, you absolutely have been a professional on photography, well, i'm into photography too, but i'm still amateur i guess lol
    anw, your post about singapore is remind me to my summer trip last year, went to singapore too, but i was too busy walking and chilling around, too busy enjoying USS until have not a really good photographs of how beautiful singapore is, and it just make me sad but happy enjoying singapore at the same time. Hahaha.
    but you manage everything so well, great pictures!! <3

  4. I loovvveeee Kraze burger and I went to Singapore too last week, too bad we can't meet up :) Mandarin Orchard is the best place to stay if your family happen to wander around orchard ! Especially the hotel is next to H&M, you can shop and drop :P Btw love your Givenchy tee, Bryan almost bought the same one but he couldnt find it anywhere so instead he purchased the maison one... Love how you captured mbs's architecture and dont get me started with the book shopping, there are a lot of books that you can find there and ooh I do love groceries shopping in ION (Top level), did you go there ? If you happen to be a breakfast or cereal freak like Bryan, you should go check em out - they have plenty cereal and some of them is quite uncommon !

  5. whoa that's a long blog post! and yet every photo is beautifully taken.
    I love Singapore, too! kind of ironic how close it is to Indonesia and they're like, really different in every way.
    and seriously you got really eye catching t shirt collection there!:D

  6. wow lovely photos! you really got bunch of fun there :)
    anyway, how about following each other? let me know

    sweet and sugars,

  7. glad that you enjoy singapore!
    those are lovely photographs!

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  8. Kenneth, when will you update your post again? :)I'm always happy reading your comment on my blog, I love you being honest, I really love Ellie Goulding and her songs are into me, gonna make another cover of her song again someday. :)

    yes, I've read your previpus post too, no doubt it's amazing as always.