Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lost In Paradise.

Hey, uni-peoples, so sorry on my 2 week hiatus, you may've realized that my blog wasn't available on the period of time, due to severe cyber crime, my blog wasn't available for any sort of published manner, due to inappropriate hacking, anyways, this is my latest portfolio, shot in Bali.I always find the waves to be beautiful, under the sun, the blue just rise so high, like royal blue the king posses. I also do find the mixture of the clouds just so, beautiful, I mean, God absolutely created the sky from  the ocean, which makes it just, extremely, dreamy.


What I find just extremely beautiful about the island is how it's just an ideal paradise, a vacation-island, how the rich palm trees just grow above you like the coconut scent, how the burn just sweetly burns your skin until they tan, how people from all over the world come, and just, cherish their moments under the bright sun where somewhere else is snowing. Like the waves, I believe our hearts are mend and made to bleed the royal blue behavior, like the shades of tuscany and lavender, and an extra amber from the sun, the colors just collide beautifully,

The title from this portfolio is also a song title by Rihanna from her latest album "Unapologetic", which is pure perfection, even through it's not-easy-listening behavior, the album overall is just wild and honest. I believe that, paradise is just in the back of our minds too, I mean, paradise can be anything you believe in and you don't, like the colors, filtered by the royal blue ocean, grow like the wild mangrove leaves and rosebushes.

Paradise to me, is just something to be beautifully be lost in, as for an artist, paradise to me is my own art God preserved, I believe that, the thunderstorms and the tsunami-s are just a lesson to build a better foundation, to build a better behavior, like a nationality building a better city.

Sirens come and sing their silent songs above the stones in Paradise, and they sing the sad songs of both love and decay, for they are only a creature of myth, for they are only in the back of our minds, for only their rainbow hair is never obtainable, for they are cursed with fins and wings. I believe this is how cliche immortal loathing sounds, I mean, the voices from the sea call you, and you're just looking for weary wanderers, that is what being lost is a part about, and like the sun, love is still warm, and severe.
To the end of the earth, the waves reign, like sequined top down, the song glimmers under the sky like the teal green colors the oceans hare with royal blue, it glimmers to the skin in such beauty, the waves just go to the edge of the world and come running back, breathing the live swimming underneath it, providing a life cycle throughout the continents of the world.

Like brush strokes, the ocean reign and carry a bit more of spectrum in it, a spectrum of life it posses, like the visions of light breaking the clouds, the waves will follow, like the silent voices, it mesmerizes the myth the urban citizens tell, stories about love, stories about the lost, stories about the laughters under it, That is just a piece of paradise.
Under the glory, like all the orange trends that season, the fruits emerge out of their trees, the creation sing, with paradise, with the beautiful imagery under the monochromatic spectrum, shades by royal blue and severe brush strokes. Like printed Hermes bandanas, the heart lines flow with the ocean, they flow with the beautiful sun above it, shining like vitality, shining like essential, shining like an aquatic beauty.


One thing about paradise, is that, only the ones who believe has that, only ones who achieve, and ones who fight all over their live for the truth, for those who sing their grace, and for those who ritually preserve what they should. To fight for the righteous freedom, for a revolution, for extensive, and the youth it preserves, and for the ones who aren't afraid to splash themselves under beauty, for those who aren't afraid to drawn in all the beauty.

Hallelujah, a word the paradise sings, from the pale skin and red lipstick, the word come rushing like the royal blue ocean, like all the poolside memories glimmering under the sequined sun, like all the tanned skin burnt slightly with extensive happiness, whatever the heaves declare, that is truly paradise, in the back of our minds, and one day, where we all preserve the righteous behavior we do.

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PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Models.Diana Putri&Patricia Santoso
Location.Banyan Tree Resorts, Bali. Special Thanks to Uncle Jamal.