Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Golden, your wings shine like the sunset. Soaring above my aesthetic visionary self. A youth I never really comprehend. Station to Station, as Bowie said, going across the tree. GARUDA, they sing, the symbol of my country. GARUDA, they say, the rebirth of my art. A muse, femme fatale I would say. The embodiment of what a real Diana Couture woman is supposed to represent. An amount of charisma like no other. A true strong yet elegant figure.

The craziest part about all this is that I’m writing this in Mid February, 2016

Wake Up Calls- you’ve just graduated from High School. This concept could easily be interpreted in such various ways. Eloquently, I am basically still the person I am ages ago, I just apparently grow to be more of myself. But realistically, you’re only as good as the time frame you’re supposed to represent, based on culture.

Like a harp from the sky, a shriek like no matter, and a truly mad imagery. Like terracotta’s infusion on the bronze palate and a shine on gold. Like a glimmer under the night sky waiting for the flight at dawn. Like the golden promise of a true love’s kiss.

I remember starting The Photographic Sense at 14. I was insecure but ambitious, it’s almost like the rookie you start as in your very first Pok√©mon game. You’ve got a little spark of Pikachu right by you that can’t wait to thunderbolt the entire universe. Best yet, you’re ridiculously young, you can do whatever you want.

A bird has to sleep. A bird has to nest. A bird has to learn. A bird has to live under the branches before it comes for the tree. A bird must observe. A bird must comprehend. That in this lonely yet busy world – trees are only made for those who are there to simply be exceptionally one of a kind.

But today I honestly can’t be more grateful. 4 years ago I struggled as an artist to basically be the very best, to find my perspective, voice and style. To ultimately truly find out who I truly am in this vast world.

Ironically, I needed New York to realize how beautiful my culture truly is.

As an individual, there’s this veil of Circumambient about my surroundings. Yes, I’ve heard that my country is exotic, and extremely beautiful. But I didn’t come to the realization that I should be inspired by the things that are pretty much. Bali, Borobudur, Barong. Countless of cultural references spark up my mind before New York Fashion Week.

Because when a bird flies away, it will then finally truly realize the view it has of the world. How culture may be a beautiful state after a long term evolutionary guide. Because if it stays in the nest, a bird may only feed on the aromatic comfort-leading to a decay. 

Back in June, I was pretty much broken and devastated. Facing betrayal and devastation-you know, the kind of friends who take jabs on you and make it look like its your fault because they’ve got each other - yeah those kind of problems. Then there was this one night where everything basically changed.

But when the GARUDA takes flight, apparently the scavengers come to hunt. Ultimately, they come to tear you apart. They come to eat out of a rotting flesh seeking freedom and rebirth. Pulling away the beautiful feathers out of jealousy. They take away what’s not theirs. Because life is a surreal idea to them. Because in their story, dominance and creativity and blonde ambition is nothing but the traits of a villain. We live in the ends of time where everyone wants to beat everyone.

So Diana Couture, my mom’s brand and the brand I’m controlling as a PR Manager locally got the chance of a lifetime. To showcase in Couture Fashion Week New York. Since then our lives just changed. I went from Math Studies to Photographing Celebrities, Dealing with Hollywood A-listers, and basically a lot of really shady people.

And when you take that final flight, you learn. You learn more about yourself, more about the world you live in, the air you breathe, the linen you wear, and the people who’s really there for you. You learn about the lights of New York-a nest that never sleeps. You learn about delusional individuals, about people who want to use you, people who want to tear you down, people who need nothing but an advantage from you. People who simply want a taste of your success because these birds come from the same environmental nest you come from and have a hard time accepting the same food and nest we once layed on provided more to the bird who is filled with creativity, curiosity, and a craving for burning passion.

My life flash in front of my eyes. And just like that I realize

That the temple walls speak to me a story of a long lost dynasty

That the decaying bird rose above the skies to conquer the world

That you are only limited to


You can only set your mind on things you truly want. To cast a focus on what you truly aspire to be. To cast a growth on beliefs you truly aspire to be. No words can truly describe how I felt. The 4 a.m. drive to sunset. The 1 a.m. text of artistic craving. The Jetlag. And the self realization.My country is only as beautiful as my own mindset. Beauty is a mindset and I believe in the thought of vast diversity. I believe in the beauty of the damned and the grand. I believe in……

The Photographic Sense

Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth
Designer: Diana Couture
Headpiece: G.Liem
Shoes: Syu Shu
Muse: Vicky Shu
Videography: Josephine Hardja
Hair/Make Up: Niken Xu
Stylist: Dina Eski