Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Peace, Not War.

We live in a judgmental world of hatred, when we are required to hurt and run in order for our, survival.

Disrespecting the nature of humanity, we are in the end also the human we are. We live in the deepest murk of our egos and we always tell ourselves, that our survival will advantage our generation of humanity will make the future a better place. Honestly, humanity is only a drop of consistency in a jar of hatred, one drop that either can survive as it spread it's particles, or get drowned as a darker particle.

These days, one's egos can only crush another, they have this radioactive frequency that can only break someone's bones to pieces, as if love never really gleamed and glowed, as if the world was only turning upside down towards you. Our minds were designed to love, that is why hating feels so bad, that is why finalizing the true murk of the world, we hurt each other all over again, to in the end, result the hatred we believe in today.

We face bombs, wars, murders, and such difficult crimes these days, but in the end if you do think about it again. The hearts of us humans are only as real as our minds, and once it had became contaminated, the goodness we believe in will yet only grow to a consistency of a drowned faith, every single hatred starts from our hearts, it's just that some of us play the masquerade part a lot better.
endwar3 2
Your inner strength will only get you slightly further to the love you deserve, we all are a victim of hate, and a witness of our own generation. Our true colors only pop brighter through the polluted life if we start spreading the love we are being strong with. The power of Love will only strengthen us to the core. Our willingness for freedom, for art, and for recognition, our dreams, and our feelings towards one another positively, that is an equation of Love, of course, with an inner soul for being one's self.

We had seen many innocent ones burn and die for the survival of one country, but in the end, we are all one, a race of humanity, a race who should believe in one another, a race who deserved the strength of the world due to it's high intelligence, but then we misuse everything and forgot how we are created, from the love of God, from the Love We Deserve.

Have you ever wondered why God created several terms that seem so ugly towards the world? We then question God ourselves, "God, why can't I be a size zero?", "God, why can't I look like Cara Delevigne?", "God, why can't I get rid of these freckles?". These sort of questions of insecurity should only be eliminated, because the only thing God had created was beautiful, it's just that several misconceptions and perceptions the world deceives had traveled through our minds, giving us a judgmental ego, giving several criteria to a perfect look, which in the end leads to nothing, because Nobody's Perfect, and Nobody wants to be a Nobody.

Because Perfection, Is A Lie
Love will rise from the absence of our insecurities, Love is innocent and passionate, and that Love knows no flaws, because we are all flawed, and we all shouldn't have deserved the Love we, today, have wasted. We are a reformation of a new generation, a new race, and the only thing they can do to us is to Love us, because we all have inherited the last morals of the humanity, we, today, have lost, that is why we have to replant our morals, to believe, and to Love again.
End War, End Hatred, End The Murk That Had Caused This World Everything It Doesn't Deserve,
Because This Generation Is Worth The Love.
The Photographic Sense
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Garry Diggory & Pricillia Lumantoro
MUA.Pricillia Lumantoro(nudebeige)
Stylist.Reinhardt Kenneth

Love Always Wins.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Broken Sonnet


We live in such a judgmental statement, we perceive a view on one side, and we never really reconsider that every color has a shade. Red is Red, Blue is Blue, Green is Green, but in the very end, we all have crimson hearts, the hearts we were supposed to mend and bend a little, the heart which is as hard as stone, which can't even contract a single love. Because art, in the very end, is only a statement of living, a mindset to love and to loathe.

Alongside loving and loathing, there's a part in between, and that would be the right part I am talking about here, the human nature. We are all a shade, some of us stand in a lighter grey, some of us lie in a darker grey. We had always believed being good was a good way of living, but in the very end, being truthful and honest is the best policy. How can you basically sleep after helping a group of thieves stealing for being good to them?

crimson hearts

The Broken Sonnet, The Broken Tunes, and The Broken Hearts, The Broken Cult always leads to nothing but survival, some of us hold on in the state of murk, in the state of disbelief, but some of us just rises to the edge and believes that nothing can stop their way. Believing in one's self and their own belief is the only way of redoing the beauty of life. Stand for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone.


The truth is that most of us wear floral crowns of good relations and love, but we just hold on again to the fact that we cannot fake that feeling throughout generations. We are chasing papers of our own identity, because we are whoever we wish to be, because our mindset is determined by those wishes again, and that the mindset we believe in affects us on evolving on being who we are and the person we want to be. You are the belief you believe in.


This portfolio was inspired by this McQueen-eerie feeling, as a statement to live in our own dreams, as a statement for not being afraid to be one of a kind in the space you live in, to never let being mainstream a choice of living. Our colors are our own nature, and doesn't mean you have the darkest shade doesn't mean love and living is a shade we don't believe in. Because the lies are always pretty, and the truth can be extremely ugly. That is why it's called LI(f)E.


Why do we glamorize ourselves to remain Pretty when our hearts are just Witty?


PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model. Mitzy Kallula
MUA/Stylist. Mitzy Kallula
Anyways can't wait for The Great Gatsby! This Lana Del Perfection video is just PERFECT.