Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Moon: October 31st, 1897.


Farm Life, Young Love, and a late Summer Mist. A Day after Summer, and hours before Fall.. Where the Harvest Moon rises up to the skies above. Shining the Harvest Season as bright as a lantern in a pitch black room. However, the only thing it witnesses is nothing but forbidden young love and it’s wonders of betrayal and hatred. Young adults, who’s got nothing but the power and demand to love and to dominate each other under their greed, to love and to hate. The Photographic Sense brings you to a world of what Halloween might have been about, and how it might have been implemented through my eyes.


On doing a Halloween Portfolio, last year, I went with a hybrid-horror mind control kind of view, but this year, I decided to tone down everything with an equally artistic imagery. The perception of the old times being brought to our view today. How the vintage is always seen to be murky, and depressingly sad, how they had a life so free yet so old-schooled, how we can never have everything at once. This portfolio is also inspired by movies like Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister. I admire how the simplicity of the hauntings just brings shivers to everyone, how less is more in this case. How terrifying stories of the past can form such impact to the popular culture these days.


The Conjuring, being based on a true event, I believe, has built a strong base on this portfolio on the whole idea of farm-family hauntings, how we human are terrified by these supernaturally, non-scientific creatures. And how our mindset has only brought us to being scared by these stories. It’s completely absurd, because we can’t see our inner monsters, damaging each other and where we host from, the mother earth, and how our ego is being prioritized. This portfolio is a response to how hatred is hatred, how Halloween can remind us of how these hatred can be wiped off by it’s joyous events, but in a way, I have the urge to just do a bit of a cause here for our own race. I decided to style these people in a vintage like pre-fall wear, embellished in a whole new tone of emotion,


We believe the monsters lie under our beds, but in the end of the day these monsters lay inside our head, and eventually, they know us best. I do believe that the pure evil-ness and the bad guys don’t exist in reality(sorry T.Swift). This is however, the worst part, since at anytime, anyone could be the good guy, or the bad guy, but they can never be exactly good or bad, they all share a portion of each other, it’s just the method of which is more dominant and which is more concentrated.


For instance, the bad guys in the movies hardly have their pasts demonstrated, where the good guys(popularly Cinderella) always begins in a problematic start and “reaches their dreams as the villain dies”, this sort of mindset has grown up with us, each and every one of us then believes that they are the good guys, and anyone in contrary to them are the bad guys. In order to be the good guy, the ones with the most positivity and reasoning wins, and this can just build up an unconscious view on how we can damage, break, or even alter someone’s base state of mind.

Lets talk about love, it’s impurities sounds like it’s been withering away like a daffodil, how the whole young love kind of idea started out really sweet, a potential top selling story, the whole “summer love” kind of idea, the one love that lasts, the kind of unmaterialistic love, the blinding kind of love. The one that sends your feet flying away above the clouds, shimmered in rainbows and glitter. The kind that usually ends up dangerous.

“Oh Darling, I Love You to Death”, this conception might only be a personification, but on some cases, this sort of love is highly dangerous, the love that blinds us, each and every one of us, turning the guys to Romeos and the girls onto Juliets, or Sirens. The suicidal kind, the Lana Del Rey type that goes off the cliff for their lover, the dangerous type. These sort of love stories are probably the potentially horrific ones, the ones that lead onto tears, sad tears, or happy tears. Either way, this sort of love only leads onto a whole new level of hate.


We all have our inner Venus and Mars-s, we all posses the power to demand something we can’t have, something belonging to the other, a possession of another soul, the possession of other’s mindsets. A triangular love affair, the force enraging us on demonstrating so to each other is another form of horror we never understood lies in every one of us. The will and the demand, raging as a mindset of triumph, but causing a disastrous occasion later. This imagery is being visualized on a vintage method, as a view of hate already raging out hundreds of years ago, building a form that results what we are today.



Then after all the love and the contraries, we start betraying, back stabbing, and being a B behind their backs. We convince, we try to provoke our feelings of our inner heroes, our inner warriors willing to do anything for the love that blinds. The kind of love that releases our inner rage, our inner horror characteristics, the psychotic type of implementation, this potentially being an interesting horror character of the real life.


*Spoiler* If you have seen Insidious 2, you could see that the ghost mother has so much rage and she wants to alter her son onto a daughter, and this has built so much betrayal and hatred towards women for the son, forming the alter persona of the Black Bride. This sort of rage, the sort of hatred has only been a disadvantage to others, possibly taking away their possesions, an internal rage so strong that builds bridges between the living and the not, these stories might not have so much affect on us despite from hauntings, but if we keep on encouraging our heart to rot in hate, we can never win the battle of living, on becoming the men we are, or women for some.


Finally, the last chapter of this Halloween Editorial is Hatred, the cureless form that it gives us chills, the monsters inside of us altering the love we have, it’s like forming a thief gang from our church friends, our good will can lead us to such temptations. Remember, hating is never okay, it rots your bones, soul, and disadvantages others, forming a true form of agony they might’ve never been able to face.


Hey Unions!

So glad I can finally post this, I’ve got tons of portfolios and I haven’t really worked on them, due to Halloween this gets posted first. I am so in love with the set of pictures, and the fact that all of these people on the shoots are the ones who NEVER have their pictures taken at all, they’re like the fun ones but the crazy academic ones, like literally. They’re such amazing people to work with, too!. Anyways, my very first interview, with The Scenic Route is OUT NOW, and I am beyond excited right now like I can just tear up everything and form a work of art and photographic sense it up! So my next post will be about my interview, and I’ll post the video twice (first here then on the second post), please take 10 minutes to watch the video I’ve been working so hard with Lisa Woods a.k.a K-Roll and Nissi Abraham, love y’all. Trick or Treat? (anyways I’m dressed as a Pokemon Master right now for Halloween)


PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. Kevin Jackson, Schanaz Purnama, Darren Delbert, Kelby Immanuel Rusli, Stephanie Soekosin, Reinaldo Kurnia
MUA. Stephanie Soekosin

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  1. love the shots!
    inspiring video keennnnn!
    keep on making art and stay humble!:D

  2. You're such an amazing photographer! I just love the main concept and the shadows! I can see this in an editorial (you can do whatever you want with your camera :D)

  3. really love the theme for photoshoot and all the photos. you're talented!

  4. this post is amazingly wonderful, I love how you can create such creative stories for each one of your photos! This is also one of my favourite posts of yours!
    Keep up the good work! All the best!

  5. I always love your photoshoots. Creative and hauntingly beautiful. xx

  6. This actually reminds me with Jeepers Creepers 2 tho. I used to play the game when I was little (well, I still am lol) and Harvest Moon is really cute and cheeky and all but then looking at your work here...... boom. Haha, is that your first intention to show their differences, or not? Or is it just me...? :x

    Anyway, happy halloween Kenneth! xx


  7. incredible artwork...I had to think of Wednesday Adams even though your inspirations are from older times and eerier films. Love your interview & what a cute collar you wear

  8. see you Reinhardt! and congratulations!

    ­­Wulan Wu on

  9. omg these halloween pics look amazing! loving the close - ups & all i can say you're a genius!
    would you like to do a collaboration (like a photoshoot) with other fashion bloggers? that'd be interesting :)


  10. amazing photos!! you always have this beautifully composed storyline for your photoshoots.
    I have to say that I have this fear kinda for countryside family...with them all being psychotic and all, lurking for new prey each time a car broke down in the highway haha
    maybe creepy circus theme for next year? :) if it's yours bet it'll be awesome!

  11. the whole concept and photos are epic!! really, you always got so much gorgeous pictures, you really have that talent!!
    love the whole pictures and storyline, so cool!! :D
    waiting for your another epic portfolio!! :D

  12. Those are some seriously frightening pictures. Super cool.