Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Posh Plastic


“Beauty-a complex imagery of living. To one, it may be the old beautiful brunette locks of Miley, to someone else-it may be all of the circus and the side-shaved blonde. To one it may the exotic beauty of a girl from Southeast Asia, to another, it may be the size 0 runway model running down a Chanel runway. Beauty differs from everyone’s perspective-but one thing for sure, we are all created beautiful-some of us just don’t feel like works of art.

Some of us just felt like, we were not born in the right body, some of us wake up wishing we were a size 0-some even wakes up and gets lost in the blurred lines of their identity as a person. As if every soul is jailed inside a work of art, and some of us just gets the wrong cell. The thing about beauty is that, it changes overtime. Back in the days, it was the wealthy, curvy woman, Mona Lisa-with perfect chubby cheeks like an apple who is considered to represent beauty, nowadays, lingerie-ready bodies are the perfect description of beauty-Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Karolina Kurkova, Karlie Kloss, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Cara Delevigne, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr, you name it.


The pressure to be perfect is the hardest struggle nowadays, we spend most of our earnings on day and night creams, anti-aging lights, lip injections, you name it. Some of us just don’t appreciate our difference. It’s not that I’m pointing out plastic surgery to be a wrong thing, in fact, I do too, feel ugly. It’s just that this technology has grew to be one of our cultures these days, a taboo to the ones who stick to what they know, and actually, a gift to the wealthy ones who age fast.

All of these pressures had only been a part of our ego, the priority to look beautiful, and trust me, everyone’s ego just measures up to want to be an eye candy to the crowd, to want to stand out, to thirst for the attention. Truthfully, I find this culture in me too, I would start meeting dermatologists to discuss my skin problems, I would see people go around and around doing this and that, just to look better, I believe that that is already a part of us collided by the power of biochemistry and technology, a diffusion between two forming our modern day culture, also coming from our old-age cultures-to need to look beautiful.


In fact, this culture forms new working fields if we are heading to the labor cause, covering many unemployment numbers, just imagine a skin care clinic with dozens of workers required, how helpful is that?. However what I’m trying to point out here is the plastic taboo, I mean, you can just hear some people considering to do injections but on the other side, being extremely insecure, going all like “but the religion forbids this and that” and “we shouldn’t change our own appearance”, whereas these statements also rage taboos on skin-inking and hair-dying(I know, like these things can be annoying).

Not only I want to emote the culture of this plastic surgery behavior, but I also wanted to really talk about cultural beauty. The reason why this picture has a black-face like structure being “framed” by two, natural, slightly-tanned beauty is that, beauty is a unique conception, and that these rare beautiful structures are really special to some, this emotes the feeling that, really, beauty is a perception, it differs between eyes, and that is what is just beautiful about it, not everyone thinks it the same way, resulting this difference to be beautiful itself. I believe that everything is beautiful, even If I don’t feel that way, and that one should feel beautiful under their own skin, expressing who they are or who they want to be. And that who they want to be is their final form, and that they are who they want to be in the end, not who they are now, you see, it’s a process.


Yet in the end of the day, we are doing everything for ourselves and for our loved ones, but let’s just focus on ourselves this state. It IS your choice, I mean like, this is like the abortion issue all over, there are pro-life and pro-choice factors, one resulting no choice at all, the other resulting either life or death, let the parent decide, which involves the life of a potential human being. In this case, however, no lives are being involved generally, so I believe that everyone has their choice to do so. I mean like, seriously, if you think that you can afford looking beautiful(well, socially viewed to be) and that you’ve made up your mind, I think that everyone who thinks and can afford to do so should do it. I mean, you only live once, like this is your only chance to do so, feel alive, feel free to do so, be a part of the culture, be a part of the technological scientific experience.

I believe that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin, that is why, make it look be-YOU-tiful, many people go all like “this isn’t the physical appearance I want to look like”, then don’t, do anything to prevent you not looking like the way you want to, be your own virtue, be inspired by your own views. They say our scars make up our perfection, but it’s the 21st century man, flying is a common thing, so is being yourself supposedly.


The reason why I started this blog would at first be to express all of my artistic works through this medium, as a page linking the real world with my own state of art where people could open daily and be inspired by, but I also believe that this blog also needs to speak out as a realistic figure, through an artistic factor to raise an awareness on being whoever you are, the reason why some of these things(plastic surgeries, dermatology, anything) exist is to help the ones who think they are in need, scientists has done researches on making people look a lot better throughout the years, and being under plastic doesn’t really matter anymore under thw century. As long as you feel beautiful and confident, that’s pretty much enough, isn’t living your life about being yourself? Don’t let any factor be a limitation to anyone on being exactly who they want to be.


Truthfully, the reason I shot a plastic surgery themed photo shoot is originally for a competition for A Mild Photography, however, I think I didn’t fill in the right requirements and I was pretty much late, so I just ended up making a portfolio out of it. I wanted to emote a lot through this photo shoot, I want to really explore what beauty is to everyone, and in a form of agony, I want to show how people would sacrifice being painful and like a certain amount of money just to look how they want to, a culture of beauty and vanity, an experience not everyone might achieve, but the ones who do, either loathe, or absolutely love it on the end of the day.


So, how are you guys? I’ve been pretty busy with school, like the whole IB curriculum is just so future-building but in the same time, super tiring. I mean, I’m just getting a clearer image on what kind of artist I really want to be, and I have to deal with such exposure towards where my art could really grow. Recently I’ve also been thinking a lot, like, asking myself, do I really have what it takes? What if I don’t survive the art world? What if I lose in contrasting my art to others? What if I play to safe? What If I end up with a boring job instead? What will my family be like? Like, those kind of stuff are always running around my head these days, like all I really need right now is the perfect shift from my teenage years to really, a mature youth. I just need to like really feel youth, which I haven’t really believe to achieve these days. I seriously need one of those perfect night outs where you just don’t want to go home, like, just fall in love under the moonlight, like things I CAN’T DO IN THIS COUNTRY.


Things had been pretty complicated these days, like, some people are just not as good as you thought to be. Some people care for you too much that they crave for your trust, and deny your love. Some just get too busy sometimes. All I’ve been doing lately would be really experimenting with new photographic materials, like as if it was pure science, things I see on the internet that I really manipulate again, like things I just know my heart belongs. It’s been quite hard really managing the time I have, like even when I’m not that busy I’m usually just so tired. Like really tired. I need a total face-lift and a holiday to be honest. Anyways, I’m going to spoil the big news. I will be interviewed in a video by The Scenic Route, which is a promotional website for artists based on the UK, where I will have my video answering to their questions there. I will really incorporate these artistic, experimental elements in the pictures. P.S. I will be wearing leather, denim, and skinny jeans!(and several more outfits hooray) (so unlike me, eh?)


'Posh Plastic'
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Models. Ivana Novelin&Elbenanda Maradonna
Hairstylist/MUA. Caecilia Dephia

Roar, Applause's top competitor(who's doing better on charts), has a really jolly, happy-jungle girl like structure, I thought Katy was going with something a lot darker, instead she came out with something still slightly candy sweet, I think that personally Roar is more of an ear candy compared to Applause, but Applause is really a tune you want to keep listening to, it never gets old AT ALL. (Plus Roar doesn't sound like it's long but is actually 7 minutes). What do you think of Roar's comparison to Applause by Gaga?


  1. OH MY.... You really rock! Can't wait to show people all your talent, this photoshoot is PURE ART!

    Honestly I feel amazed and Impressed, keep working!

  2. the most awaited work of yours! super talented

  3. To me, beauty is the matter of achievement and expression. I always find your style embodied strongly in your photograph, bro. Great job on that!

    Freedom & Its Owner - http://simplyjochris.blogspot.com/

  4. you are amazing

    Will you like to follow eachother


  5. well, for me, yes beauty is pain but as long as it's not too much, it will be okay. And, i agree with you about living is about to be our self, we're born an original, please don't die a copy. Maybe somethings might have to be fix but not every part of our body needs to be fixed. Beauty isn't only for perfect face or body, beauty is more about our heart. And i guess, everyone is beauty. ;)

    anw, superb amazing portfolio!!
    i'm one of your fans!!<3


  6. So glad the intellectual and aesthetically pleasing (& culturally challenging) blogger has returned! I agree upon your words that invention in 'beauty' should be up to the person itself. I disagree upon the fact that faces become too similar whereas most models often have a 'quirk' that makes them stand out. Then again, the size 0 that is fashionably attractive, but for a man looking for a future mother of his child, not so much as she's probably not as fertile as the size 6/8 woman with hips.

    I love your photographic artwork and I hope the 'hassle' of portfolio-making is paired with pleasure of a good result as well :)

  7. great pics and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.. Just keep this in mind, the people who judge you today will need you in the future. Just be the best of yourself, dream high and work even harder. ciao ciao!


  8. that is a GREAT shoot, very professional, very well done. you certainly have talent and I'm sure your future job includes being an artist. you should believe in yourself more!
    when it comes to plastic surgery I think it's okay when you do it to fix something that is broken because of an accident etc but when you just enlarge your lips, breasts etc then it's kind of stupid in my eyes and I don't like it at all. often people turn themselves into some kind of monsters that way and this is just sad.
    ps. I had no idea about this Lady Gaga song so I listened to it but it didn't move me at all. Roar is better in my opinion.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. wow, great pics!!!! <333


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  11. Lovely post!
    have a nice day
    xx Julien


  12. Awesome post and photoshoot!! I'm really impressed!!

  13. wow.. those photoshoots are just dark daunting and definitely art!
    I love you are bringing up a topic that never seems to end. I think plastic surgery has become taken so lightly now and although I don't hate people who do surgery for beauty, I am not a fan how lightly people take it. I think God has given you all the best that He can give and if He's happy with it, why don't you?

    anyway, good luck on your interview with The Scenic Route! that is HUUUGE!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  14. Amazing. I really love it :) <3


  15. Amazing shoot. I know the feeling sometimes it haunts you how would you look differently.

  16. wowwwww great pictures. very impressive!!! good job!
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  17. This photoshoot is amazing! I feel so inspired. Such a creative way of colliding art and literature.