Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Summer Love (XOXO)

 Love, something that lingers in the past that remains so strong to be wiped away, It's just a pure part of our live we might not be able to carry on with. Basically, that's what happens to some of us, I am inspired by One Direction's "Summer Love" from their new best-selling album, "Take Me Home", which sold over 1 million copies for the first week, congratulations, lads. I even managed to get a physical copy for myself after sinfully illegally downloading the whole album, it's definitely worth it. And the best part is that the illegal download replaced Summer Love with another song entitled Summer Love which isn't by One Direction, whereas Summer Love is now one of my most favorite songs at the moment, apart from "Little Things", "Die Young", and "I Knew You Were Trouble".
My Beautiful Gramma
This is the first portfolio post where I didn't made a story about it, so here I am, doing a sharing in the middle of a portfolio. This portfolio was in the midst of not making it as a series because of how I see a lack of edge onto it, which is just not me, but I just find so much beauty in some pictures, I can't resist, and I even ended up releasing a total of 17 pages on it. I know it's kind of absurd how I ended up doing 17, whereas in the beginning, it was going to be released as a mini series, you see, now this is like the biggest series ever, due to the settings, outfits, etc.
So, there's a pretty complicated history on how I got onto one direction, I wasn't a big fan several DAYS ago, and having a romantic alter ego is always not a stabile way out, when I decided to read several One Direction Slash Fan Fiction which made my heart jump and bitterly get attached. And I ended up buying a copy of "Take Me Home" on Tuesday-ish.
So, let's get back to the subject, I believe now I am in the midst of the hysteria of this "Summer Love" kind of relationship, there's this girl, and well, I am in the midst of deciding a yes or a no, I mean like, I believe this feeling might be temporary, but something in my mind just goes out like, give out a shot, you see, I mean like yeah it's all complicated, so I decided to like go out and like, see how things work out you see, this is a huge emotion leap from my last post, and if you, are "involved" on the twitter drama thing with me because of the post, I am very sorry.
This portfolio is like, the happier, cheekier, artistic "sister" to "SUMMERTIME SADNESS//751", you can check out several posts ago, which is like a heartbroken version of the portfolio. I deceive love sometimes because I find no way of like, going with it's flow, I've been hurt so bad sometimes I can drink down a river of tears, but in the other side, as a creature of love, I want to feel it deep down, since we are created, you see, to have this nature in our lives.
I believe, that yes, I will eventually find someone and get married one day, but like in the midst of now, I just want to feel how love is just utterly cheeky and romantic, and how it just don't remain, and the fact that my art has been connected to it. And a reminder is that, this is, I believe, the only cheeky portfolio until 2012, the other's are rather dark. So this is like a, recovery, almost.
So, these pictures were taken on a hotel outside of town, on the mountains, the hotel is located on the lower part of "Batu", whereas the hotel is called 'Singhasari", which eventually, is owned by my mother's cousin, we decided to make the photo shoot rather playful on a playground and a tennis court, matching the "Sporty and Chic" imagery, instead of pushing the edges of culture, controversy, and avant-garde again. I believe, yes this is a leisure photo shoot, though my bones sound like they're broken enough due to exhaustions.
Anyways, my mum just recorded two gospel songs on a church album, and trust me, it sounds like HEAVEN. If you're living in Indonesia and is a Christian, go purchase a copy of "Diam Dalam RumahMu". So bloody unicorns, that's it for the day, can't wait to share 'November Train to 42", "Bittersweet:An Immortal Statement", and several photo shoots I'm doing these next two weekends, one of them is a very, RED, collaboration with one of the most talented models I know from Surabaya Vogue, and in the end of the year, a massive cult of arts and fashion, and maybe, even a video. Stay tuned dolls. Xo.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Through embroideries, a geisha lies within, a modern one. Within her, she sleeps and dreams of nothing more but a diffusive heart line, whereas baroque comes within nothing more or less than asian embroideries. her tears are rather darker than crimson, but rather invisible after lipstick. Vanity lies within, she needs her ancestry, but also the art of the victorian. A RACE THROUGH HEARTLINES.

A fusion of two different cultures, lying in the same world, both bearing love, hate, and beauty. An implementation of colors, reaching pitches between lips and hearts, yellow, red, faint teal, all racing in the sky, sweetly reaching the core pulled down by gravity.

Somehow, floral visions mark a vision of one and another, and the oriental love marks another race of human beings, like faith and fate, they lie between the back of our eyes and blood streams, running like butterflies down our tummies and segmented hands, as sweet as plum sugar and cotton candy, like embroidery and the stars under the blue and red flag. Like how i wish I saw it, but I don't, the races of wagons and phoenix, against visions of hydra, and sirens, they come together, visibly like a vision of a new fusion, a creature. Fashion, Ancestry, Love, Art, and Passion.

I believe our ancestry are meant to be, it holds a certain point of love onto it, a love for a community you are forced to be, having severely their own culture, but in the end, it is in our human nature to never feel satisfied enough. We hold a power towards something everyone who doesn't have that certain power some of us posses wants to posses, needs to. We are always exposed onto love, but we will never ever accept the love towards the culture severely, as much as loving something we will never have.

"Like salt, it is bonded through crystals and particles of water, an atom of each, combined and planted deep inside love, deep inside an embroidered, anorexic heart, dipping through red, yellow, and faint teal"

I believe that inside every soul, lies the romance, the romance of the heartline, whereas red meets yellow, where red is when someone belonging to the East, a culture of ancestry morals, carved onto the fear of country, against yellow, belonging to the West, a culture of liberation, a culture of freedom and boundless imagery carved like princesses. Like the Sun and the Moon they will never shine together, but both shines as beautiful as they are. The forbidden romance.

But then, wouldn't the drama rage up if the romance is inside our state of mind, running, dancing through our bloodstreams and DNAs, like atoms of pigments, pigments of love, pigments of the misunderstanding of one concept, growing onto a controversy of the word forbidden itself. Like a bird leaving it's nest,a rebellion, towards a fusion. A beautiful disaster, in the end.

Like embroidery, lace was then invented, veiling the embroidery of heartlines throughout the heart. Everything goes back together as one because they come from the same ancestors, through the creation of the loving God and a growth through mother nature. They all are one but somehow bonded onto several. Like particles of monochrome, painted with love in visions under the bright heartlines.

Like a wildflower blooming under the winter, it decays beautifully, the beauty of the heartlines decays onto someone's state of mind, so that it's living essence implements their whole live, both morals and religion being diffused onto one single, particle, as strong as love, a particle of her. Like vines of grapes, they grow to create this rich colored fruit, violet, which stands for seduction and the womb, a vision of girl power, The grape vine, the wild flower.

Like voices of bells under spring, eyes smile through the vision again, they simply reinvent through culture, with horses running through dragons, like golden beads of prosperity under the liberation of the stars beyond blue and red. Beyond the Eye of Love. Luck implements it's color right away, like another shade, a new embroidery, a new reinvention.

Howling through someone's state of believing, through someone's state of hope, in the end everything is just worth it. It is worth love itself, like dancing and tingling memories, of particles as a fusion. As West and East go together, as the world diffuse onto one continent, speaking of love, peace, and freedom, with qualities of morals. A beautiful feminism, a beautiful oriental wildflower dancing like the flag of the state. Everything is alright throughout it, like shades of innocence. The Oriental Heartlines running throughout us, like strands of love and a passionate imagery.

PhotoVogue Features-
Oriental Heartlines
Oriental Heartlines

PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Diana Putri
Wardrobe.Diana Couture
Hair Stylist/MUA.Diana Putri
Backstage .Dawi, Khasmi

"Beauty is found in all sort of ways, but beauty will never be satisfied, beauty is NEVER prefect, beauty is the difference carved through flaws, beauty is inside out heartlines. Red, Yellow, Faint Teal"