Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Halcyon Days 2013

"It's Gonna Be Better"
-Ellie Goulding


Isn't it odd, how some words have such different, diverse meanings? How an inverse is not a hybrid of the original, but a weapon against it? How our biggest enemy is ourselves? And how the world treats their creatures differently? In order to carry on the circle of life, Sacrifices are required to be made. 

"The Halcyon Days" is basically a compilation, like a body of The Photographic Sense's fine art implementation of a 16 year old Reinhardt Kenneth, with "All The Way" representing the process. A method of drawing art onto an immerse diversity of contrast and the extra spark that lights up the whole room with expressions and reactions. It's like the human body, how each organ cannot work on their own, forming one by one, becoming a team. Afterwards the ending towards "The Artistic Womb 's Final Chapter, which is Masquerade Ball; I've got a lot of reactions towards it, it being the peak of The Photographic Sense, but what you may not know is a disagreement from strong opinions, forming rejections towards the portfolio. The fact that as you get to be more well known, you get more hate, more rejection, there will always be the ones that get and accept your art, and the ones who would spend their time giving attention, hating on you. Which in the end of the day, is hardly worth of your time. This portfolio is created as the rage, and the insecurity I face to the industry-which of course is hardly easy. You can't make it out alive unless you fight for the survival. There are times things just come extremely unfair and how the ART you believe in is being downgraded, in the most less appreciated way, how some find the amazing story you implement in the frame to be absolutely unrealizable, shallow, and lack in it's sense of clarity. These art pieces are the ones that fight back, my redemption towards the society's disapproval of the art I basically create to not only satisfy, but build a pride. My body is only a tool for my mind, my heart, and my sense to implement the impossible towards works of art. Pieces that dance in my head like a buzz, It's where my heart truly belongs and where it can explore the things I am aspiring to be, to inspire with art.

The main reason why this compilation is entitled “The Halcyon Days 2013” is because that’s really when I was really trying to reinvent my Halcyon Days. I remember long boarding waits where I researched how to get married on a particular Harvest Moon game, I suppose it was Grand Bazaar. I also remember how Halcyon strikes when my Tamagotchi character finally got married, I remember passing the hallways of my house, running around as excited as a free-d caged bird. Those are the days I didn’t crave for more, those are also the days where I didn’t seem require the strength of passion and art to be myself, whereas after a rebirth and a reinvention of myself through The Photographic Sense I found the flowers blooming on my tree at some point, but that’s the point when I miss being a bud, where I miss spreading the spores, where I miss the sprout of The Photographic Sense. The fact that I was losing a lot in the beginning of 2013, in the least logical sense, with my art being extremely underrated, all happening with series off “The Noisy Cult”-it was a hopeless age when I just didn’t know where to bare my creativity anymore. It just doesn’t make sense-how the things that belong dearly to my heart just loses with reasons like “the lack of meaning” towards a camera phone picture. It’s an age where I blame everyone for not being qualified to even read parts of my creativity. It’s not a loss anymore, it’s a craving for a journey back towards Halcyon.

But in the end, I did win anyway, I got my own interview, travelled with and for Garuda Indonesia to Singapore earlier this year, boosting my blog views  up to 16,000 along the victory. It’s not about the fame anymore, it’s a cloud 12 triumph, a part of me that will never stop will always linger there like an addiction towards the recognition, but in the end of the day, I did reinvent my Halcyon Days alongside. It’s about creating art right now, not about whatever anyone has to say about it, like the past. I will always reinvent in the end of the day, and my artistic visions are only as surreal as my heart. Long live The Photographic Sense

"When The World Turns It Back Towards You, You've Still Got Your ART"

The Halcyon Days is inspired by English singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress, Ellie Goulding with "Halcyon" and "Halcyon Days". An implementation from Synth-Pop to Visual Photographic Pieces. These Pieces are being grouped onto 8 sub-groups depending on what they represent, every loss and every triumph, onto a champion-like spirit.

1. "EIDIE"