Friday, November 15, 2013

Hybrid IV.


Experimental -- that is probably where I am heading right now. Babe, please, mainstream is so last year. I decided to really grant myself a long granted wish--to evolute through the form of art. Don't you love those days when you evolved your starter Pokemon to it's final form? Well, I'm still on that phase-really proud on my Pokemon Party(sorry I had to blabber a lot about this). This portfolio is a reformation of the human body itself. A futuristic, immature look towards how the world would've been if we evolve and adapt in a whole new, exoskeleton-involving method.

Hybrid IV

Under the control of nature and science, the feeling of lingering for a whole new life, a rebirth, a reformation of the human nature forms deep inside us. What if whatever we see is a lie, and what if everything she thought of was built under a lie? What if the Sun rises from the North and goes down on the South instead? What if there was a monochromatic rainbow? What if OUR HUMAN BODY IS INCOMPLETE, AND WE NEED A FINAL MISSING PIECE?


We perceive the idea to be a metaphor. More hands to either help or harm. More eyes to either visualize or watch. More lips to either persuade or gossip. More ears to either listen or hurt. More legs to either run or scratch. All of these being formed onto one question, is it possible to do so?.