Sunday, December 22, 2013

Man-Maid Mer-Maid

This might be my early Christmas post to all y'all, but unfortunately, I don't really have anything Christmassy to post, I know I've been short on posting outfits, I might stop doing so, but I might just have a hiatus on them. This portfolio might be not too appropriate for such a lovely day, like Christmas. First of all, the images look so hot (I mean hot as in the sun-hot temperature), and it doesn't really portray the happiness the holiday is supposed to post. But today, I come with a cause I believe in.


I might not be the strongest animal lover, I mean I've got tons of friends who are just so supportive for the wildlife and I hope one day I can be as supportive, but I do felt like I need my art to work as a visionary towards the cause I believe in, and this is one of them. Since I am taking IB Art HL at school, I've got to also work on individual assignments that sort of relate to my class work. I did an Indonesian art topic and chose "Nyi Roro Kidul" as my subject, she is a mythical creature from the Javanese Southern sea, you should really google her up to see her wondrous enigma under the culture. I decided to do a cold and feminine shade on each side of the painting, this picture is taken off my instagram so I do apologize for the low quality. Anyways, back on the portfolio.

As much I admire the ocean's rage, I try to depict what we are doing to it, we are destroying the living it holds. Everyday, large, endangered fishes are just being hooked out of the marine and just sold like pieces of tuna on the market, it's not that I am insensitive enough to not care about the "socially edible" organisms, but these endangered species are definitely creatures of it's wonders, and I do believe that they should roam on the marine for their, and our good.



Visiting the Maldives has only brought me to a whole new horizon of knowledge, I see conservation areas there(which I will tell you on my next Maldivian post) where disabled sea turtles are being conserved and clownfishes are being bred. I do see the view on how the ocean is a huge place, and for many of them, it's already a survival, and our presence can even possibly bring even more, well, crap to them since we are most likely to harm them from our ego and selfishness.

The idea of altering the marine creatures with a mythical, and fictional character, the Mermaid, is to depict how the marine life's reaction may alter from one point to the other, how the condition just, burns them, and agonizes the lives out of them, how they are just helpless, away from the nature they are used to, onto a whole new level of pain. Also the fact that I am photographing my swimmer friend, Janice, who has such amazing swimming achievements, the future female Michael Phelps and someone to definitely look out for on the future, gives more of an idea of how loving the ocean may hurt when the terrestrial attacks.


What I'm trying to show in this cycle is how fishes are just being taken out of their schools, out of their joy and their jolly, and then just being locked in devastation and agony, in the least humane way, just being left on the ground, as desperate as a Taylor Swift song it seems, but truthfully these marine creatures are being hunted everyday, out of their ecosystem, and mostly just for the sake of ego.Also being portrayed is how our egos are just ruining the marine life with our selfish hands by harming them with materials that they might find harmful for their living, and how in the most helpless manner they are pain. We terribly harm them with our habits, and just our ego. Remember the oil spill? Things like those are the things that just, harms the marine.



I was highly inspired by Steven Meissel's "Water & Oil" for Vogue Italia for the shoot, I've been a huge fan of his provocative fashion editorials that just leave me speechless, they are carved with messages so deep in the most beautiful manner, they come with such messages that gives the fashion world, a thrill of hope.


So, how is this a Christmas post? Every Christmas we celebrate, commemorating such joy, fulfilling our appetite, and more of our ego, in such happiness we sing, and dance, and just forget about the crap that happened for the year, however, we do forget to give back to the factors that support us. Imagine the earth without the marine, how will the lands communicate? How will the population survive? and most terribly, how will the world survive without all the water and the marine. The enigma it holds will only be an imagination, a myth like any other mermaid. I know, the marine is too blue of a Christmas subject but this is where it gets red.

God has created too much beauty for us, sinners, or even saints in the same time, the nature we spoil is just beyond our expectations of being a greed and a vein monster, we are overspilling our ego for the natural resources that hold the carol of the nature, the possibilities of building a better tomorrow all clings to the nature, and how we serve it as we give back. It may remain, but It can possibly pay back our grandchildren. The joy of Christmas might not even hit them. Imagine a world without love, imagine a world without the collaboration of such creatures that roam the ocean, and the land, and the skies. 

Remember to give back not only to the people this Christmas, but to the dying nature, because it's what your grandchildren would crave for, and what your ancestors might not want to face. This season is not only to celebrate, but to remember, and to improve, to be a starting point for a whole better future. The ocean is not a MAN-MAID MER-MAID ; IT IS A MERMAID OF THE MAIDEN. The maiden of the nature. Don't forget to serve back the serving earth. That's where Art lies. eARTh

The Photographic Sense wishes you a Merry Christmas, Don't Forget to Spread The Love, Born Is The King in Israel. Amen. 




  1. ngga ada yg nggak keren. great shots as always <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. well done job as always Kenneth! and i love love your bts video. keep on going cus this one girl believes in what you are capable of. much love xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Your best work so far! OMG.
    It's ART <3 deep and symbolizes a lot of things (for me) !!!
    Keep up the awesome work, my brother unicorn

  4. Great concept Kenneth !! Always amazed with ur idea and how u actually apply it to the real thing, great photos !