Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TPS Travels With Garuda Indonesia & Resort World Sentosa - Singapore Skyline

Hey UNIONS! How are you guys? So since my first 2014 post is basically a compilation of last year(which was ages ago, this post was intended to be posted in January but since I’m really busy with submissions and assignments, so yeah), which could be viewed as a recap, I wanted to do something that really shouted out the term of January 2014. So as you guys might’ve found out from my Instagram, The Photographic Sense is once again travelling to Singapore!. However, this time, things are a bit different, because this trip is all thanks to Garuda Indonesia that gave me a free ticket and a voucher for a 2 night stay on either Hard Rock Hotel or Festive Hotel in Sentosa as a prize for winning their Blog Competition last year, judged by one of my favorite bloggers, Silvia Siantar off Poise Polish. If you want to read my entry, click HERE.

Anyways, as this is a Travel Diary, this will be a very long read!, let’s get started. I was head over heels excited because since I usually let my artistic side get the best of me, I don’t always hang out with my friends or anything like that since at times, I have to sacrifice it for photo shoots and stuff. The fact that some of my friends are now studying in Singapore, which basically means I get to explore the city the way that I want, at least for a day. The thing is that my dad isn’t a big fan of walking around cities, he’s more of a chilling instead of walking kind of guy. My mom, on the other side, like me, loves sightseeing and shopping around town, however, none of us know the MRT Route and those kind of stuff, so the fact that I got my friends is already a savior.

Btw, I'm travelling with my stunning Mom, Diana(@dianamputri), my beautiful Gramma, Ester, and my Princess-Sister, Aiko(@fairyaiko11)