Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hey UNIONS!!!!!! So, no more ghetto english, mmhmm...? So anyways I'm finally here with a portfolio(I've actually got tons of material but I'm really hanging there to actually do it all, you know, a.k.a I'm usually too bored or I've just got sooooo much to do!). So, OKAY, finally I'm doing something in season for my portfolio, the 60s Mod. 

My dear friend Pricillia Lumantoro from Nude Beige contacted me to help her out for a university project, where she is required to submit a set of photo-s focusing on fashion, which ends up being formatted like a fashion editorial in a magazine, and this time, we're combining the whole mod feeling with nothing more but avant-garde, futuristic imageries, of course, with an edge of the whole 'Strong Woman" and Chic imageries.

The idea of styling a Mickey Mouse Beret with a Studded Edge into a Modern Styling Dominated With Stripes, a Floppy Beach hat with a Chic Bartender Outfit, a Bodycon Dress with an ENORMOUS headpiece, and a Striped, Sleeved, Bodycon Dress with a Striped "Helmet" Shaped Like A Square was being implemented in the shoots, the whole idea of the future, being implemented onto a vintage statement is to blend two different feelings on the same outfit. It's like seeing vintage Chanel being modified by The Late Sir McQueen, or we can assume to be a mixture of post-moderinism and something popping out of a 90s movie on Time Travel.


The whole idea of only using two BOLD colors, BLACK AND WHITE, is to create the effect of dualism, or again, to represent the human nature these days. We had always went like "the world these days are so evil", but believe it or not. There will always be an equal shade of both colors in one soul, we can assume someone to be cold hearted, or someone to posses the heart of an angel. But again, both Mother Teresa and Hitler are sinners, but again, both of them have purity in their hearts. It's just a matter of our perspective, as human beings, to implement it all. Remember, "If you dont have any shadows you're not in the light"(originally said by Mother Monster).


The Mickey Mouse styling was inspired by some citizens, who are clearly light-headed, and usually referred to be cheerful, jolly people. But again, they have their shades of black, and also symbolized by the Studded headpiece around her forehead, representing the potential to hurt, and the potential of darkness under her light.


The Chic Bartender Outfit(the set in the vortex of the circle) was inspired by the difference in CLASS and priorities in life. The hat was to symbolize a high state of authority and class, whereas the rest of the outfit is a lot more, (excuse me), exposed and has a bigger "mainstream and cheap" feeling compared to the hat. This represents someone's true colors, whereas the rules are meant to be broken, and our inner selves are again what matters.


The huge headpiece(on the right) represents the stress and the power to determine for the best the world has, the pressure to be perfectly stunning, to be a hundred percent perfect to the eyes of the superficial world, a burden striving throughout some of us, even tough the dress looks chic and slim, however her brain is constantly working much more.


The last outfit(on the left) is a representation of our ignorance, how people would only care about themselves(the prints on the headpiece and the dress is pretty much in the same tone), and how we don't have the will to sometimes put someone else as a priority when they should be out priority in life.

Now why metropolis? I'm trying to capture the whole High-End feeling the world revolves throughout now, how the city never sleeps, and how fashion acts as a representation of nature and art. How people these days can foresee something in a superficial behavior, which is to see something in blatant monochrome, how people would judge others easily without finding the color of their inner soul, and how these days perfection is a part of living a High-End life. Also as a movement to accept yourself in the beauty of your own prints of nature.

Anyways, I would like to send all of my prayers to Boston, my heart is with the family of the lost ones, this is why the world these days foresee the world in the monochrome behavior, or in other words in Hate. The world doesn't need more of us, humans, the world NEEDS HUMANITY. Let's fight with Love, because LOVE, always wins!. So, in that occasion, I'm going to post another Paramore video, Now, which is the first single off their latest self-titled album, this pretty much should represent the message I want to emote.


PhotoVogue Features

Photographed by. Reinhardt Kenneth & Pricillia Lumantoro
Model. Mitzy Kallula Viskar
Stylist, MUA, and Hairstylist. Pricillia Lumantoro, Mitzy Kallula Viskar


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've Got Nothing Left To Lose.


“It’s ok to be afraid” James suddenly said, brushing the back of her hair so softly
“One day, that little baby will make explosions down the streets, see, she was born an artist”. -All The Way To The Halcyon Days 

Hey guys, FREED REVOLUTION 7.0 is now on Tumblr here! , Check out for my latest artworks, designs, outfits, and Photographic Works! Anyways, these series will premiere again with literature as a compilation, I joined a competition earlier with these bunch and lost, and I believe that it's either the judges have no taste in art or it's just that I'm too qualified, like these bunch are the most perfect pieces I've ever made, and they're accusing it to be "there's no clear story behind it". Anyways sorry for the mini chitchat, ENJOY!