Monday, December 22, 2014

The Odd Adventures of Caitlin Doyle

Botticelli Babe

I find beauty to be something highly overrated yet underrated

The idealism of beauty being overrated

And the true meaning of beauty being underrated

You see, there are just phases in our life when we are pressured to look like a certain type of look. To be in a shape, or in a structure where commercially, it is what is considered to be a “positive” look. I believe that as long as you believe in your look to match who you are-not out of self pity but out of self confidence ; I believe that when you can rock that, then you are ready to rock the world.

On the other hand, I believe that body-shaming is something that we all should eliminate. It is just….repulsive. The other day I went to this party of a good friend of mine, and I know how much she has worked her ass off to get in shape—again the shape she demands. It might come out of the idea of beauty being overrated and pressuring, but, meh, let’s skip that for now on. Ok so there’s this guy who were told to give wishes to the birthday girl, LIVE, in front of everyone(yes it was a huge party). The only wish he gave her was for her to lose weigh. I was just like





Ok, first things first I know her and I know how much she’s clearly insecure of her shape, and she was in a perfect shape that particular night. He has absolutely NO right at all to be an under-dressed, ratchet, know-it-all guest and tells on her to run on the cardio because she deserves all the very bests. It’s just..repulsive how one keeps on making fun(read:pressuring) someone.

I know this post isn’t the exact appropriate post to write about body-shaming and defining beauty, I might put that onto future reference to photograph something dealing with, you know, body shape. However so, let me tell you this—even though I freaking lost 12 kilograms as I ran on that cardio, I never considered being oversized bad. You see, you are beautiful in every single size, and you should be proud of that beauty and just, work it.

Sandro Botticelli is one of my inspirations of all time as he is an artist back in Renaissance Florence. His work, “The Birth of Venus” is just beyond life. I love how along the ages, “beautiful” women are portrayed differently. Apart from the fact that the girl here(Caitlin), who is gorgeous as hell, has attributes depicting the likes of Venus De Milo by Botticelli herself, I believe that, curvy girls are just as beautiful as skinny girls. As Venus herself is a curvaceous, divine figure.

Beauty comes in every single size

And you should be proud of that.


Does the Leviathan, the Behemoth, and the Sirens exist?

Why do people begin to develop more individualism as they grow?

To what extent is our validity as human beings define our authority on the eyes of other creatures?

What if all of us see things differently-literally? Like what is pink to me is green to you?

Can you be a lover like 100%?

What are the secrets hidden in the isolated parts of Borneo?

How true is the truth we’re living in today?

Are we living in lies?

Why is school so tiring?

Why do we feel less Christmassy?

Why can’t we live in the Pokemon world?

When we eventually pass away, will our talents remain?

What is ART?

Is it fate or is it luck?

Do we really feel love or is it just a commercial idea?

What if our existence was only a dream?

Does it really get better?

Eventually I believe It does get better, or at least I believe it does

Micro-Me is an experiment on applying a human being on their own body. You see?. Like slumbering on their own collar bone, or being eaten up by themselves. I believe in a power bigger than us. I also believe that we are just micro beings in this entire universe.

This takes me back to my adventure in Bali, Lombok, and Gili Trawangan with my friends(link here) back in June. For a moment, I thought we were infinite, beings so free and wild that the ends of the world can hear the echo of our voices. Our laughter, our tears, and just, our togetherness. It brings me also to my adventure in Japan(that you might’ve seen in my instagram). For a second I felt so alone in the middle of the crowd. You see, like it doesn’t make sense. How you’re surrounded by so many people, yet you feel so alone.

It brings me to one realization that…

I am on the midst of youth and adulthood. A part of me roams like the wind, living in the Wild Wild Love under A Sky Full of Stars, and another part of me is growing up and losing that Youth.

This Christmas, as I feel the Christmas vibe somehow, lost, however the bliss lingering there reminiscing of all the memories that occurs this year. I am nevertheless grateful of whatever it is. Year by Year, I just feel like things are getting bigger for me. Kicking off a year start with a blogger win trip to Singapore, and ending the year with being a part of Art Basel Miami 2014.

I’d just want to bring up a message, and that is to always love who you are and to always believe that you are just a small part of this world. That is why, there are tons of things this earth has got to offer you. As an artist, I believe in the odds of going on loving the things I am given by making the most of them

If you’re ever looking for Christmas songs that sounds indie-ish, go on ; dope&free stuff

The Photographic Sense
Photographer.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Caitlin Doyle
Assistant.Audrey Tandio
Hairstylist.Livia Kriwangko

The Photographic Sense wishes you a Merry Christmas! Have a warm one with your loved ones & don't forget to give thanks.

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