Saturday, November 22, 2014

Women Who Shock

Back to the theme of women power. I strongly believe in the equality of male and female. I believe that all of us should be treated equally, nevertheless of who or what we are. Especially on things we were specifically born with. Like, we can’t just ask God for a particular gender, or race. That is why I strongly believe that, no matter what happens, the social, political, and economical equality should be applied to everyone.

So today, I’m going to talk about something---shocking. This portfolio will portray controversial or sensational female icons throughout the history. Women who I admire for being brave and against the norm, against the morality of how women should be like--or just, playing on the safe lines and ending up leaving a great impression.

I’ve always admired how controversial women are just, comfortable of being who they are. The truthfulness in their mind, not limited by the female norms. It’s just refreshing to think of and just, witness. How they are female but not afraid to speak their mind, and eventually become famous, even infamous for some. That’s what I am aiming for to live by, to be remembered, or just simply, to shock and leave expressions and impressions. 

The fact that the majority of people I shoot are female, I wanted to show a different perspectives of how women should be. How elegance can be bold, how beauty can be fierce, how being strong and controversial is just the new classic. To speak out their mind is what is considered sexy, and to brainstorm for they fight for is stunning. 

It just works the way how we respect our mother, how we look up to our female boss. This doesn’t necessarily mean that men should not be respected as much as women, it just demonstrates a sort of equality of how someone should be respected not because of their features, but moreoverly due to who they are as a person, respectably.

Marlene Dietrich

Was it media who altered her or was it her own innovation? We’ll never know. Dietrich was an iconic actress and singer. With her constantly re-inventing herself both characteristically and professionally is definitely a breath of fresh air to witness. I might not have lived in the era she reigned at. However, how she can pull such an androgynous character is just divine. How she can rock both the feminine and the masculine side. A possible taboo to the past, however, these sort of taboos we break, it particularly makes us memorable. 

Lindsay Lohan
We all loved and hated her at one point. The child star-turned-into-one-of-the-world’s-biggest-celebrity ginger bombshell has been a true beauty to many fans. From her starring in movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Herbie, she had claimed many fans and has ever since----went into a “downfall”. Like former Disney star, Britney Spears, Lohan had experienced some major highs and lows. Her allegations to criminal acts that have brought her to being locked up. Controversies on drug use had also surrounded the star with so many criticism, as well as botox.

However, Lohan has rised to the surface again, and has always been a shocking woman to many. To be a criminal is a thing, but to be a strong woman is another. Whether you like it or not, Lindsay Lohan is one of those women who shock, and has the best mug shots!.

Audrey Hepburn
I might not be a huge fan of her, since there was a generation gap in between. Even though there weren’t many controversies surrounding this philantropist, she is definitely one of those women who are still remembered up till today. From her classic appearances in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady(based on Shaw’s Pygmalion), this woman definitely left an impression to the world of fame. 

Miley Cyrus
She was the candy to our eyes back in her Hannah Montana days, however, she is brunette no more! Miley Cyrus has took a controversial move ever since she bleached her hair and chopped it short, and started to pull her tongue out and TWERK!TWERK!TWERK!. She went from country girl to billboard chart topper, swinging naked on a Wrecking Ball. With loads of scandals and what seems to be a wardrobe malfunction, she definitely defines as what “Bangerz!” really is. With her growing up fast, she definitely is one of the world’s most controversial icons. 

I love her both as a brunette or a blonde anyhow.

Lady Gaga
Living for the A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E, this gypsy may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also known as Mother Monster, the artist(not celebrity) has always continued to experiment and push the boundaries of music, art, and fashion. With the quirkiest fashion statements, from leather, meat, and kermit the frog dolls, she is one of the world’s most successful and controversial icons. With her meaningful, yet controversial messages, she is definitely a controversial woman to the world, but a loving icon to her loyal Little Monsters. 

She may be mythical but she is just as fierce as the other icons. Described as being ugly and a monster, Medusa is one of the world’s most iconic conntoversial women. Her hair is made up of snakes, and when one sees her directly in the eyes, they will turn onto stone. A representation of a strong and fierce, as well as monstrous woman. She may be said to be ugly, but hey, she’s the REAL face of Versace!.


I’m sorry I’ve been quite passive lately. IB has forced me to always do so much work, and like just take the free time to either enjoy youth or just rest. However, I am still doing loads of photography which I can’t wait to share with you guys! My next portfolio features a stunning girl from Australia and I’ve got a surprise feature coming out near you really soon!. Follow my instagram (@reinhardtkenneth) for faster updates. Oh and, the technique I’m using in these pictures are mixed media, by the way. So what I did was print the black and white pictures, then paint the background with acrylic paint. These are the scanned version, do you guys think I should add 3D details to the photographs? Comment below!. Remember, SHOCK THEM WITH YOUR TRUE SELF!

Nicole King
Make Up&Hair by Nadia Nathania 
Photographs and Creative Direction by Reinhardt Kenneth from The Photographic Sense

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