Saturday, December 27, 2014

Black Beauty

I believe in equality

I believe in how a person shouldn’t be judged based on who they are, but based on their deeds.


I don’t even believe in judging, I believe in HAVING AN OPINION.

You see, I struggled a lot between drawing lines in between things. Whether this is right or wrong, acceptable or not acceptable, a preference or an opinion. Truth be told, I’m speaking from my experiences.

Black Beauty itself appears as an inspiration coming from Lana Del Rey’s song, “Black Beauty” from “Ultraviolence”. Her lover’s preference for darker shades is translated onto the song, and at how much she would change the world just for him.

I believe that love comes in many different shades, including Black, and Silver, and White. Which are the colors I am using as my main inspiration. I believe in a belief that we think in the sense with the presence of colors. Colors represent such a strong symbolism in our lives that they are inevitable. I believe that their shades tell stories and connotations so diverse the world itself may translate a cavern full of undiscovered writings, all thanks to the connotations appearing from the presence of colors.

Black itself appears as an enigma. A sense of a secret. I believe that some things should remain being an ambiguous thought to everyone. I believe that the world is so much more beautiful with things that remain a secret. A magnificent enigma itself being Love. I believe that love is a beautiful media. It can do no wrong, but it may lead to either a utopia or a dystopia, or even worse, a catastrophic state. This past year, I’ve seen love bearing so beautifully in shades darker than black. I believe that the love I witnessed might be a thunderstorm.

However, love and all it’s might had done one justice. This thunderstorm results in a beautiful ending. A love story filled with jealousy, betrayal, affairs, lies, indifference, and just----a solution so unexpected, a beautiful bond. I believe that the best things might come from the worst. I believe that, if you don’t have any shadows, then you’re not standing in the light. I believe that the color black has been used as a misconception at times.

To whoever reading this. It’s going to be okay, It’s gonna get better. Eventually, the black will bloom in you into an exceptional hydrangea. Roaming beautifully in the misconceptions of love under the universal galaxy, a galaxy we ourselves haven’t truly comprehend.

Silver, being a ray of light, I believe, represents the love I possess for the world itself. I am addicted to the idea of seeing the world, of leaving my footprints around the world, of being remembered by the universe when I’m long gone. To leave ambiguous remarks of conspiracies of how I lived and died. I find fascination into putting people onto a perspective viewing me as silver. Not gold. But Silver.

Why Silver?

I believe that I want to leave a lasting impression. Of being in a state where I am both strong and beautiful. How I can withstand other silver or even gold. I want to be viewed as a neutral media to inspire others. I am not gold------I am a student till the last day I breathe. I am no expert, apparently, I will never be an expert. I just am devoted to art. That, I believe, is the love I have towards the roaming glint of the galaxy.

And White.

A contrasting figure compared to the color Black. I believe that you are your worst enemy, your worst judge. That is why you are your own catalyst. You push yourself to the edge of your capabilities to make yourself a balanced state. To form yourself onto a state of belief where you are an equal proportion of an unbalanced human being. Unique to your own state. I believe that love requires that.

White itself represents the purity. The inner child. The curiosity. I believe that beauty might be found everywhere. Every, single, place. I believe that it represents memories of the past that support us, or memories of now that lightly reminds us of who we are. The love I am talking about here is not a humane expression, however a love for my craft.

I’m a rebel to the art.

I just believe in it so much

I just can’t stop.


Wow! What an expressive year we have come to an end, UNIONS!?. This post is NOT my last one, so make sure you stay tuned to my YEAR IN REVIEW post. Seeing 2014 coming to an end is definitely a huge achievement to every single one of us. I have grown so much and achieved so much, and that will only push me to growing even more. I love the craft, and will never stop. So how was your Christmas? I kinda feel numb, however emotional in the same time, idk, it wasn’t my best Christmas but hey Christmas is more than just about a day, right?. Anyways, do you guys have any plans for New Year’s Eve? I’m going to BALI!(do contact me on instagram if you’re going there too!xo)


  1. yaowloh tanteee kerennya kog gak abis2 sihhh
    met taun baru di bali yawww, jgn goda bule2 sana :(


  2. Great photos you got here :) I love the black and white effect and how you creatively play with contrast level as well as reversing the b&w. Well done!

    Deasy Tantra