Friday, May 9, 2014

Make It Like Your B'day Every Day! #TPSBday

G’day Unions,

So since tomorrow is my PARTY, I am dropping something party-related which are random facts you may know or may not know about me. These are completely random and basically a strand of my life being depicted in fun facts about me.

My party is a week late, since last week my friends had to go out of town to this school trip thing, so I decided to postpone it. But the thing that I learnt is that, your birthday could be everyday, it could mean anything, and I'm the one in charge to define whether it's a good birthday or a bad birthday. I want to surround this year with so much positivity that I could reach a higher ground in my career and life as a photographer. And that as long as I have the ones I love with me. It's like my birthday, every day. 

1.        I first started The Photographic Sense as Reinhardt (cross) Kenneth Photography and it was basically pretty…bad
2.         I personally think that Iggy Azalea is a lot better than Nicki Minaj
3.       My favorite fruits are: watermelon, strawberries, and oranges
4.        2NE1 and Big Bang are the only two K-Pop groups I can listen to
5.        Whilst to that, I only listen to one Indonesia singer which is AgnezMo
6.         Favorite Movie: Mean Girls, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, and The Great Gatsby
7.         Favorite character off Mean Girls: Cady Heron, duh.
8.        I personally think Beyonce is the QUEEN of the World
9.         I almost recorded my first song: Angels, in 2013
10.                Kelby is my best friend since 5th Grade, no joke.
11.                I’m proud for already making my own money since I was 15.
12.                Favorite photo shoot would be Masquerade Ball: The Untold Stories of The Artistic Womb and Harvest Moon
13.                First magazine feature: Estela Magazine
14.                First Issue on a magazine: Catharina Avellia in Royals
15.                First PhotoVogue photo: Playtime Is Over featuring Kelby
16.                I always wanted to photograph Cara Delevigne, Maria Tiffanny, Sky Ferreira, and Lana Del Rey.
17.                Gypsy is the anthem of my LIFE
18.               I hate mainstream basics
19.                 Haley Williams is the prettiest band vocalist
20.                 I knew Lana Del Rey, Imagine Dragons, and Iggy Azalea before they were cool
21.                 I run to Applause in the gym
22.                 Black Widow is better than Dark Horse.
23.                 All of my apple products are cracked
24.                My unrealistic dream is to become the president of the world big time
25.              My baptist name is Paul.


  1. happy belated b'day !
    Agnezmo is the best one from Indonesia :D

  2. happy birthday RK! Masquerade Ball memang kece banget, gue juga super kagum sama photosession itu :D gue udah nggak dengerin lagu2 kpop lagi lately, tapi gue sukanya sih sama cn blue haha... enjoy your bday!


  3. Happy belated birthday kokoh saya yang kasih first komentz dri sekolahmu ya ;)

  4. I always love to read people's random facts. I hope you had a wonderful time with your belated birthday party!