Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Is it better to be Love-Oriented, Money-Oriented, or Art-Oriented?
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The answer is that everything is good on it’s own phase, and that in particular, we all can just lay back and have a good time without being oriented on anything. Sometimes when we get too productive, which is the best thing, we tend to little by little flutter away from the things we cared, or used to care about. Sometimes we all just need to put our heads in the clouds and just have a particular good time, and keep it real. You can never get enough laziness in a particular day—however remember your principals of living, no one wants to regret for not doing they love due to sleeping, right?.

Anyways, the first paragraph probably doesn’t actually explain the rest of this content, the first paragraph is just a refreshment from the particular stiffness on how this post is going to sound.

As many of you may have known, I just got my first magazine feature on Estela Magazine’s Issue X(Le Beaute Issue II). I am totally grateful of everything, I mean like, I am thankful for God’s amazing support in this journey, I am thankful of such a supporting family, I am grateful of such an AMAZING team.

I decided to just gather my friends and plan a Lorde-inspired shoot. I’m a HUGE fan of her, I mean like her voice is literal perfection and her look is just otherworldly-next door girl. It’s the type of look that never bores you even though the look is possessed most likely by girls who are most likely to get bored of you. Since I live in super-Asian Surabaya, of course my version of Lorde, is Asian. Not trying to be racist, but this photographer right here would appreciate a more variety in facial features(I mean like, a more interracial choice I guess).
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Anyways, we were going for a lazy royal sort of look. Just like that look that’s just too glam to give a damn. I decided to shoot my friend Catharina since she just got a Lorde inspired hair, and there’s just this exceptionally unusual beauty that’s so classic in her that I can’t resist to photograph. Of course I had to gather all my amazing team mates for this, like Lorde sang, we’re on each other’s teams. HUGE shout out to my favorite hair stylist, Livia Kriwangko. Livia learns all of her hairstyling from D.I.Y-s and such but her work is exceptional! She can give you any type of braid!. Pricillia Lumantoro does the make up and you know she’s always awesome right? I mean just go look at her blog, how is she not amazing?. Oh and special thankies to Kevin Jackson for helping me with the props, you work amazing in front and behind the lens(and your welcome for the CAS hours).
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I am so thrilled hearing Estela loving the images. I was super insecure because more “mature” perspectives marked the pictures to show distaste the facial features as a beauty shoot(oh since Estela’s new issue is a beauty issue), but then I’m super glad they find the extra quirk in the classic beauty. I am still thrilled up to today on my first magazine feature, and my issue appears the second on the editorial, how COOL is that?
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Honey and a Smack
I think that’s what O is fond of
The constant impressions about drapes and whatever Gianni grants
Whatever the new temperature defines a cut
Whatever inking has leaked a linking
The bond, the bond of a home
The home, the home of a bond
I think it’s scary
How much time consumes a thought of pure gold
One hour for the smile
The other for the insecurities
The fear of defining, the fear of falling, and
The fear of loving
An idea so old yet so new, so thick yet so thin
An idea only a fox as white as snow may comprehend
Because my heart has been frozen by art for so long
It may’ve turned a much lighter shade than my
A casualty about a clingy retard
How a M.Cover sounded good
And just how a favorite is a frush
A favorite crush or a fucking rush
It’s best to play along
And never show the camouflage
But then
It’s a road from the rush
To the extreme
It’s forever
Or A

I think the poem above clearly describes who I am right now. An older friend the other day told me how life moves so fast after seventeen, and I do feel like the years are passing by slowly before. I am soon to be legal, I am soon to be seen by the world seriously. And the idea of being young, that’s the heart where I will always belong. The passion, the dreams, the lingering feeling of just being who I am. The urge to be on the peak, then realizing how an immense amount of time is being taken up just to be on top. In the end of the day, is this fast life worth the ride, or is fast life worth just the art.

Then there’s a anti-accelerating version of the part of life above that plays along. The ethics of a bond. The love between an individual and it’s surroundings. Seeing the beauty on how individuals bond with each other and create a complication in expression. Both of the descriptions above scream the term ART. In the end of the day, however, a lane should be picked. To be on top or to have a bond. To be Wintour or be the housewife down the lane. It’s all up to us to become which artistic portraiture we end up being. Even though it’s a subjective matter of perspectives, it’s not about giving up on something for the other, but SACRIFICING one to the other. And to reach an optimum white or black in that is so hard. We humans, live in the grey lane.
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Wow, umm..that’s much of a riddle eh, but whatever. I know I’m always against the idea of love taking over, but then I read Daul Kim’s suicide story and I just felt like, it’s best to be an artist when you’re lonely, but then at a point I need a vacation from the loneliness and start living. I think that The Photographic Sense is striking back on vacations, and well..just wait for my next strike.

I live in a city you never see on screens. Anyways, I’ll probably watch Mean Girls or some other movie since my wifi is literally not working (so not fetch…) (edit: I ended up watching “To Be Fat Like Me” and it’s actually an AWESOME movie! It teaches us so much on how society react to the obese and how to react to it logically! Anyways, how was your day guys? Leave your thoughts BE-L-OW!)

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PAR. Reinhardt Kenneth
Model. Catharina Avellia
Hairstylist. Livia Kriwangko
MUA. Pricilia Lumantoro
Photographer’s Assistant. Kevin Jackson
To Buy Le Beaute Issue II or See the Editorial Version of "Royals", click here


  1. Congratulation for the feature, Reinhardt!
    I always love your works, you have a disntictive concept to show to the world :)


  2. I prefer to be love-oriented.. lol... hi RK!! how are ya? I just get out from my "antisocial mode" and now happily chillin.. not really happy actually bcos I am a bit worried about my UN result but yah hope for the best. Congrats for your first feature! how many times I've told you that you deserve it? I'm still looking forward to have my own, haha. Yup, everything flies super fast after you taste your maturity at the age of 17. But the point is, you don't have to lose your young soul in your aging corpse. That "young soul" will always drive us to something that surprises us. I am not old enough to give you that thoughts so you shouldn't believe me actually lol but that's my kind-of-motto recently so... just wanna share my thoughts.

    I'm not good on commenting about artwork so this is gonna be so cliche: you have that different shades, different point of view in every frame you share in this blog, and those seem to be a fresh water for my thirsty art-mind.. well done and way to go, RK! hoping to see you one day!


  3. stunning!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)