Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ezmia: A Villainous Perspective

What if Cinderella’s stepmother had a rough childhood? What if the Evil Queen lost a lover? What if The Little Mermaid’s deal is just another cultural offense?. I believe that, a villain possesses the same qualities as the hero or the heroine, and due to that in the end of the day, the bad guy is a bad guy because their story hasn’t been told yet.
It’s too mainstream and wordly to become a princess as a hero, but it is one of a kind to be an enchantress to many but a hero to the world. Have you ever just thought of how much crap some villains have to go through before actually being infamous?. It’s not that I support acts that bring some people a sad ending, but I am a fighter for the truth. I believe that the truth may be hidden, but it is what is best for many. I believe that it is like searching for the dagger in the middle of the ocean, it is like giving your best attribute to the dark and finally becoming the dark, because now you’re best at being the dark. I find it weird that darkness had always been associated with something unlikeable. Remember that when you see your shadows, you’re standing in the light.

I believe that the best jewels come from the deepest, darkest parts of the world, lurking around for freedom. I do believe that there’s a jewel deep down inside each one of us who decided to hide and form a potion to live better than common social life, but that’s the dangerous part. That jewel is sharp enough to stab like a dagger, like a hidden power, and this can either rise up and be shown to the world as a beautiful diamond from the rough, or eventually a stab to one’s own heart.

These pictures are my print debut, as these prints are for a friend’s sweet 17th birthday. Sonia, who’s being portrayed in the pictures had been through a lot, and I’m glad to be with her every moment she passed. The amount of betrayal, hate, and just immense rejection is just MORBID. How can someone be associated with such lies that are so vulgar that you can’t help but hold back a vomit whenever you see them.
Social Life-s being a W-itch lately. As The Photographic Sense matures, eventually Reinhardt Kenneth grows up too. One lesson live has thought me lately is to keep your friends closer. Another lesson is to NEVER trust the ones who are hypocritically nice to you. Trust me, there are loads of big bad wolves, step sisters, and non-fabulous mean girls out there. What I’ve been experiencing after being a part of The Photographic Sense is that, jealousy rages out as your relevancy grows. There’s just so much “relevancy” I get as I become more of an artist, I mean like, I’ve always been passionate about my art but was never able to implement it in such an exceptional way before I finally meet photography. It’s like a bullet, you’ll have to aim it perfectly at the piñata of art, or it will be a problem to the society.

I’ve not been too active lately, I know. I usually blog with the presence of love and acceptance in art, but lately I’ve been aiming bullets of hatred to anything possible. But once you kill a cow, you have to make one hell of an exceptional burger out of it, and my journey on being The Photographic Sense as a supremacy of my own life is already coming even closer by day and night. I speak my own language in my blog, it’s a hybrid translated onto English. At one point I just don’t care anymore, I just don’t want my heart to be turned onto a stone like the Evil Queen. The fact is that, your rage against those who look like the good guys but are dirty bitchy witches inside, it’s not worth it.

At times you have to defend your freedom and belief, you have to rebel the norms and just be an evil queen about it. One day, someone like Rumpelstiltskin will understand, and fortunately, that one day is when you don’t get to be seen as the big bad wolf, but as a hero, or a heroine, or Red Riding Hood. It’s a complication of pure art and social life. It’s not something that goes well together but live around my scope of living.

I am truly fortunate to have friends who support every choice I make and who’ll save me when I need a saving. I am glad to not be like one of the princesses, who travel alone in search of love. Honestly, I used to not care about living with someone else. My friends, however, are active supporters of everything I believe in. They are a part of my indie journey, they are my anthem of my youth. They are my gilded cage. Truly, I used to believe that glamourizing friendship is such a cheesy statement. I now understand how it could be a great way of forming art. I’ve been inspired lately to radiate love in art, the way Inez+Vinoodh glamoruzies their son’s selfies on instagram, in the best possible way.


Imagine if the fairy tale world does exist. What if they have tales from our reality too. The human stories, stories from people like Jesus Christ, Gandhi are the fairy(or human) tales there, and creatures like leviathans and unicorns exist there. What if our reality is just a myth to many others. Imagine on how Hitler is being hated for being an “inhumane” ruler without taking his perspective.
This is how we are treating our childhood stories. We never really take the perspective of the ones against what’s good in our perspective. That is why we tend to grow up being less open-minded people, why we are more likely to hate on someone due to one thing we commit on doing, rather than looking at the history behind it.

A group of, let’s say, people decided to call me and my pals haters. This is truly an sight sigh. It’s just weird on why someone would decide to take away someone’s security and right to live as a proper being without the hate from a group of late-music knowing fakers who can’t even sing to the lyrics of royals or cruise properly, ew. It’s just weird to not have the allowance to have an opinion about someone who just brought your friend down to the freaking core. It’s just weird on how some people just wants to destroy your, or your friends social life in order to be happy.

The worst part is how they are clear copycats. It’s like they clearly have to form the same kind of sneeze we have or something like that. First, they’ll steal your friends, then, they’ll start copying WHATEVER you do because you’re so relevant. Yes, this includes bringing a lunchbox,  playlist, and a whole bunch of stuff which just sounds so retarded to copy. Honestly, there are so much more to expose but it will just take up my time as their relevancy should not be proper to be written on my photographic blog. It just feels so good to finally talk about social life, I mean like, this is a part of my artistic process. Pouring it all out for an artistic space to grow. 

As I’ve shown above, the ones who look like a victim, perhaps like a Cinderella against her stepmother, or Sleeping Beauty against the evil queen are unfortunately, possibly the villains who take cover. What is even more disgusting about these fakers is that, they need many people to highly praise them to keep their relevancy raging out. They need a support to keep them standing on. Honestly, this is too tiring to even talk about. I believe that I posses the darkest, prettiest jewels in live, but these people just posses plain coal. When I may be seen as a villain in real life, honestly, I don’t give a single damn, let them witness the wonders of The Photographic Sense and be amazed by my amethyst jewels.

Honestly today I stand with not a care in the world for whoever tries to bring me or my society down. Whatever they do, and however they claim to experience the pain. I just don’t really care because I’m strong enough to know the truth than I am worth it. I am in love with MY life, MY rules, MY determination, MY passion, MY rage, MY attitude, MY experiences, and MY art. I honestly am a defender of my kind, I’m an artist and will never stop becoming one. I am a creature of wreck and rage all bottled up in passion, then embellished with the best qualities of a ribbon. I am against everyone against me. I am THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE and this message is NOT to mock but to TEACH. In case you’re all wondering, I’m not and will never be SORRY.

Cause I'm coming at you like a DARK HORSE

Well that was intense wasn’t it? I’m just so tired lately for having to face a group of completely ignorant people. There’s just a point where I give so much hate that it’s killing me but it’s something I can’t bare. I’m completely okay now and I hope this is only a part of my creative process, being a phase. Whatever happens, The Photographic Sense is going to stand tall. These pictures above may look pretty but it conveys a message. That I can look make pictures that look pretty, and I don’t care about the mass. Someone once told me that I am a coward for only using black and white, I lash’em off back by saying that Vogue Italia doesn’t think so. It’s not about the pride, it’s about fighting for what you believe in to the point you just have nothing to lose. The pictures above conveys how to see the light in the darkness. How it is like being Sonia, and being me. We come from different backgrounds but the same happiness and passion, and I’m happy that these pictures are for her sweet 17th photo, on how she is now mature with her gypsy heart. I hope I get to see the world one day and just, live life to the fullest.
UNIONS! Glad I’m back to “myself” by now, I promise I won’t write anything as depressing again, it’s just a reminder of how youre relevancy can either glamoruize you or stab you, it’s a matter of perspective. How are you all? So proud of my prints and I’m excited to announce that I will be joining Festival Foto Surabaya on Surabaya’s birthday this year! I’m so thankful for all of you who have supported me, through the goods and the bads, one day I’m gonna show the world how I’m just not a dash of fab, but a whole world of complications of art. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, make sure to check my instagram (@reinhardtkenneth)!. Oh and these pictures are highly inspired by Chris Colfer's 'The Land Of Stories" series which I am addicted to, you NEEEEEEDDDDD to read it GAHD!. Now, I’m just gonna watch mean girls and learn how to be a proper hashtag plastic. Bye. Xx
Photoshop credits to Catharina Avellia
Photoshop Credits to Catharina Avellia
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Client.Claudia Sonia
Hairstylist.Livia Kriwangko
Photoshop Assistant. Catharina Avellia Tjakra


  1. Zgadzam się. Piękna dziewczyna na zdjęciach.

  2. really love how Claudia looks the part so much. You really captured a living soul in your pictures, super duper powerful as always! She has the best 17th birthday photos so far :p

    Pudding Monster