Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Peace, Not War.

We live in a judgmental world of hatred, when we are required to hurt and run in order for our, survival.

Disrespecting the nature of humanity, we are in the end also the human we are. We live in the deepest murk of our egos and we always tell ourselves, that our survival will advantage our generation of humanity will make the future a better place. Honestly, humanity is only a drop of consistency in a jar of hatred, one drop that either can survive as it spread it's particles, or get drowned as a darker particle.

These days, one's egos can only crush another, they have this radioactive frequency that can only break someone's bones to pieces, as if love never really gleamed and glowed, as if the world was only turning upside down towards you. Our minds were designed to love, that is why hating feels so bad, that is why finalizing the true murk of the world, we hurt each other all over again, to in the end, result the hatred we believe in today.

We face bombs, wars, murders, and such difficult crimes these days, but in the end if you do think about it again. The hearts of us humans are only as real as our minds, and once it had became contaminated, the goodness we believe in will yet only grow to a consistency of a drowned faith, every single hatred starts from our hearts, it's just that some of us play the masquerade part a lot better.
endwar3 2
Your inner strength will only get you slightly further to the love you deserve, we all are a victim of hate, and a witness of our own generation. Our true colors only pop brighter through the polluted life if we start spreading the love we are being strong with. The power of Love will only strengthen us to the core. Our willingness for freedom, for art, and for recognition, our dreams, and our feelings towards one another positively, that is an equation of Love, of course, with an inner soul for being one's self.

We had seen many innocent ones burn and die for the survival of one country, but in the end, we are all one, a race of humanity, a race who should believe in one another, a race who deserved the strength of the world due to it's high intelligence, but then we misuse everything and forgot how we are created, from the love of God, from the Love We Deserve.

Have you ever wondered why God created several terms that seem so ugly towards the world? We then question God ourselves, "God, why can't I be a size zero?", "God, why can't I look like Cara Delevigne?", "God, why can't I get rid of these freckles?". These sort of questions of insecurity should only be eliminated, because the only thing God had created was beautiful, it's just that several misconceptions and perceptions the world deceives had traveled through our minds, giving us a judgmental ego, giving several criteria to a perfect look, which in the end leads to nothing, because Nobody's Perfect, and Nobody wants to be a Nobody.

Because Perfection, Is A Lie
Love will rise from the absence of our insecurities, Love is innocent and passionate, and that Love knows no flaws, because we are all flawed, and we all shouldn't have deserved the Love we, today, have wasted. We are a reformation of a new generation, a new race, and the only thing they can do to us is to Love us, because we all have inherited the last morals of the humanity, we, today, have lost, that is why we have to replant our morals, to believe, and to Love again.
End War, End Hatred, End The Murk That Had Caused This World Everything It Doesn't Deserve,
Because This Generation Is Worth The Love.
The Photographic Sense
PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Garry Diggory & Pricillia Lumantoro
MUA.Pricillia Lumantoro(nudebeige)
Stylist.Reinhardt Kenneth

Love Always Wins.


  1. makin serem potonya :0

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. Cool as always! I appreciate this photoshoot much.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  3. gw fix mau teriak liat photoshoot ini. NO WORDS, JUST PURE LOVE <3 CEPET KE JAKARTA YAAA!

    Pudding Monster

  4. gorgeous pics!!i'm new follower your blog!!

  5. What a moving post! You have a very unique and amazing style!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  6. i absolutely agree with your post, people always complaining their life, compare it with things they want to be and the worst is hurting each other. i guess everyone is gonna hurt you in the end, yeah but that's who we are. We are human, we have heart that feel the hurt. And all the best we can do is making peace and be kind to everyone.

    really salute with your post, a thousand thumbs up for you!! XD

    keep inspiring Reinhard! XD

  7. The mere fact that we are humans and that we're imperfect explains why the world is the way it is. Most of us know love is a better way of life. Yet our imperfections gets the best of some of us and causes hate, anger, war, etc. etc. We all have dark days one way or another, it's how we come to the light that matters. And continuing to share and give love during times when it seems like it's diminishing. I wish the world were different. I can only imagine God's disappointment as He looks down at us in a world full of hate and evil. But that shouldn't stop us for trying our best...He is still a merciful God.

    Great great post.

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  8. I'm feeling you, man. you got a new follower, and reader.

  9. I live in London by the way hehe... it was totally normal to do layering in here since it's still is cold eventho it's summer already :)
    this is an interesting shoots by the way.. are you a photographer?

  10. OMG such a beautiful photos. They have a lot of meaning under them and easy to understand by anyone. I seriously love this work. Its awsome.

  11. hi! thanks for dropping by on my blog.
    i really lovee how you edit those shots! they are just pure gorgeous <3 and yep,make peace not war and spread love all around!

  12. your photographs is always breath-taking, no doubt, really. it's really like something you see on a magazine spread. and I love your words, I agree with you! the assumption of perfection is made by the media and the society. We shouldn't worry too much over things like that, it's more important to live righteously and spreading love not hatred :D