Friday, May 10, 2013

A Broken Sonnet


We live in such a judgmental statement, we perceive a view on one side, and we never really reconsider that every color has a shade. Red is Red, Blue is Blue, Green is Green, but in the very end, we all have crimson hearts, the hearts we were supposed to mend and bend a little, the heart which is as hard as stone, which can't even contract a single love. Because art, in the very end, is only a statement of living, a mindset to love and to loathe.

Alongside loving and loathing, there's a part in between, and that would be the right part I am talking about here, the human nature. We are all a shade, some of us stand in a lighter grey, some of us lie in a darker grey. We had always believed being good was a good way of living, but in the very end, being truthful and honest is the best policy. How can you basically sleep after helping a group of thieves stealing for being good to them?

crimson hearts

The Broken Sonnet, The Broken Tunes, and The Broken Hearts, The Broken Cult always leads to nothing but survival, some of us hold on in the state of murk, in the state of disbelief, but some of us just rises to the edge and believes that nothing can stop their way. Believing in one's self and their own belief is the only way of redoing the beauty of life. Stand for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone.


The truth is that most of us wear floral crowns of good relations and love, but we just hold on again to the fact that we cannot fake that feeling throughout generations. We are chasing papers of our own identity, because we are whoever we wish to be, because our mindset is determined by those wishes again, and that the mindset we believe in affects us on evolving on being who we are and the person we want to be. You are the belief you believe in.


This portfolio was inspired by this McQueen-eerie feeling, as a statement to live in our own dreams, as a statement for not being afraid to be one of a kind in the space you live in, to never let being mainstream a choice of living. Our colors are our own nature, and doesn't mean you have the darkest shade doesn't mean love and living is a shade we don't believe in. Because the lies are always pretty, and the truth can be extremely ugly. That is why it's called LI(f)E.


Why do we glamorize ourselves to remain Pretty when our hearts are just Witty?


PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model. Mitzy Kallula
MUA/Stylist. Mitzy Kallula
Anyways can't wait for The Great Gatsby! This Lana Del Perfection video is just PERFECT.


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words <3

    I love this statement, it reminds me never to care about what anyone thinks. My life is mine, my dreams belong to me.


  2. I want to watch that film so urgently! I usually don't like Lana del Rey but that song is beautiful and soothing :) xx

  3. Omo lana del rey my fav singger.
    Btw i agree with your statement

  4. aaaa ce mitzy! keren neth :D great job

  5. kyaaa what a cool portofolio!
    Nice concept

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  7. Nice photos and concept :)

    Hope you can visit me again dear! Happy weekend! :)

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  8. Mitzy looks so pretty and you did a perfect shoot !
    Cant wait for your next photoshoot ken!


  9. Heeey)thank you so much for your lovely comment)You actually made my day))
    Are you a little monster too?)so then i love you))
    GaGa is the best)I love her from the very beginning)

    btw just followed you blog)i love it))
    keep in touch)
    xoxo Christy

  10. love the setting so much :)

  11. love the photography!!! and the mickey mouse ears :)

  12. foto-fotomu semuanya keren2:))
    kalau kamu punya waktu luang jalan2 ke blog aku ya, dan aku tunggu followbacknya, aku sdh follow blog kamu yaaaa:))

  13. very inspired as always, i always love every portfolio of yours, and really, you got the talent! i love the 2nd,5th, and 6th so much!<3

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  15. loving the see-through skirt, some givenchy some valentino,,, so hyped

    Herdiana Surachman

  16. Great post. And very thought provoking. Today's world is a broken sonnet...kinda just wanna give everyone a good shake (not the extend your hand nice to meet you kind of shake - more like grab a hold of your shoulders and push and tug HARD kind of shake) and yell "Can't we all just get a long?!".

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  17. lovely blog :)

  18. wow, I love the story behing photos <3
    great work!


  19. Lovely post and amazing pictures.
    Dusana :-)

  20. your pics are absolutely artistic and stunning!!!
    lovely blog!

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  21. another amazing portfolio Kenneth, I love how the way mitzy plays her role in the concept, her posse, her expression properly present your narration. No doubt about the photographs and their filters, it's always beautiful.

    and I really love Lana's music video, she's absolutely beautiful.