Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sneak Peek: All The Way to The Halcyon Days


Miserable-that would be one word which can sum up her whole life right then. She might be wearing Chanel but she is finally an orphan, a rebel in addition. Her art is the thing that speaks through with it, though, as she explore her past all over again. It was the road under the twilight, down the broken motorcycle back in nothing but her Halcyon Days.

As she ride down her memories, she breaks down to the memories she possibly forgot, Haley-is her name, and like the comet, a destruction once struck down her whole life-orphaning her away from the days of Halcyon, the days she believed in, the days which remained peaceful. Because she is no Marilyn Monroe, but she is only a creature of her. She is not a creature of all the signs and the dollar bills-but only she could save her from herself now.

She cracks down the grasp down her throat, because she’s only a New York Girl raised in California. Will she return orphaned to Bel Air, or will she burn down the streets of the state of mind in New York due to her art. Will she shine bright, or will she dim her own light? Will she kiss a new form of honesty out of a distorted lie, or will she die in the truth?.
The Photographic Sense brings you to the tale of Haley’s Halcyon Days, along the way with her-now mystical boyfriend, James Miller on “All The Way to The Halcyon Days” as a part of a compilation of a Creative Writing Project. The cover haven’t been unveiled, but this is an artwork I shot on the same shoot as the cover shooting-which is also featured on PhotoVogue’s Photo Of The Day on the Website’s Front Page on the 20th of February, 2013. X

Will Halcyon Strike Back? Or Will The Tears of Belladonna Cry Stream Down Again?
Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 6.44.15 AM 1


  1. Cool photos, bro!
    I'm a photographer, too, actually. Just not as great as you!
    :), pod.

  2. Your photos had always been amazing, loving that mirroring technique that you used.

  3. BellĂ­simo sitio, si me permites me quedo para seguirte!
    Abrazos desde Uruguay!

  4. the photos are amazing as always!
    and congrats for the feature, you and your talents (in writing too!) deserve it! :D

  5. Wow, I'm so in love with this! It totally blew my mind! I can't even--you're so talented!

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  7. absolutely amazing post..........
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  8. dear reinhardt. congrats for being featured!!! gee you're so cool! jelas lah knp bs sampe di feature, wong fotonya super bagus kok.. keep inspiring ya! and keep doing what are u doing :D

    wishing u a great week ahead!
    Capturing Reves

  9. Oh dear brother, this is your super best project ever. I really adore it, you really deserve an honour to be featured on photovogue. All of your photos, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are astonishing, amazing. I love those levitating books.
    GREAT! I will always love to wait and watch your every projects.

    I LOVE ELLIE GOULDING, her soprano voice is remarkable, she's good.

  10. Wow so cool photos!! I really like your blog!!

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