Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alter Ego.

My art is only another representation of altering a memory, and altering a part I wish was better, I don't change, It just had always been-there. -Union
1.Austin Beckrhousmentaustin
Laid back, and bright like the sun, the soul of the art follows as a follow up, like a list, like a portraiture, like a definition of pure undiscovered gem. As beautiful as the sea, but never discovered. Like a gem, thrown out by a shell, like a pearl, deep down the vivid sand down in Coney Island. A king never went down his throne for a victim, but he was different. Love saved him, and nothing else let him go. it was art, and the beautiful soulful image of nothing but the emerald cornea. Breathes in, and wants out. Nothing as beautiful as the teal streaks down his brunette, shaved-side, long hair. Flying like a troop down a quiet drama, and nothing else really matters. Only like hazel, and like almond shaped eyes, only that quiet matters, and the freedom was stolen like a dream, and no one can blind a semi-beauty. Photographer.
2.Sophorina Elisabeth Hayessophora

Nothing compares to the joy she posses, as she walks down, phresh out the runway, a Chanel lady. But nothing comes away in her classiness, except for everything simply wild. She can carry a bag on her hands, or her teeth, and she decides whether or not her runway is cutting it. Just another party animal with too much dreams to reach, outrunning the number of drunk people in the middle of an after party until 1 A.M., and what matters is only where she comes from, a small town girl, to one of world's top models. nothing replicates, and nothing can simply duplicate, she is a work of art, a codec of Fashion. Model.

3.Haley V Greens


As fragile as a glass jar, hardly stabile, and yet, as beautiful as a rosemary field, nothing beats her blueberry heart, and her artistic crimson soul. Yet, nothing is good enough for this young lady. Anything she perceived was just vulnerability, and only in the dark she felt pretty, where no one can glimpse a light shining down her pure, glowing, beautiful skin. And only red lipstick is her best friend, it was essential. It was something she can never live without. And all of the things that happened in the past, lived endlessly in her, she is only as real as a fur diva. Poet.

4.Raspore Minkoff

By his fury, the whole world should respect, under his instant dreams under rage, everything is just on his dreams. Nothing is sane enough for him to fulfill his dreams, and to outlaw his opponent, Austin, who posses the same body. Nothing but a grown ghetto down the hood, but only a dream as clear, and a clarity as dreamy as a broken crime. Nothing should be judged, because he is a creature of judgement himself. A rage and fury only a dragon of red, and nothing else does matter as long as he got his stache. Nothing is as furious as his calm soul, works the other way around. Leader.

5.Guiseppe The GingĂ©r

Away from home, with a light headed behavior. Only a simple laugh and a pose-d behavior, and such weirdness nobody can simply understand. Indie, yet hippie, yet just another contemporary heart nobody understands. Never learnt how to string a guitar properly but makes a proper song with one. At least something good to his ears. Has long hair like the sun, and was portrayed as a female. But his soul is as masculine as a green dragon. Just another boat in the middle of the sea which runs like a pelican painted in all ginger, like an orange ball, miles, miles, miles away from the port, from home, and only under his head dreaming. Musician.

6.Anna Della

A wanderer of time, space, and all the lost and gone. Only a spirit in the midst of nowhere, somewhere the world isn't dimensional. Somehow she is just, a creature of thought, and she could only feel when somebody thinks of her, or misses her. A victim of the holocaust. Somehow she wants to be loved-and she wants to travel around the world, and she wants to live in a sanctuary, and she wants to once again feel humanity. Wanderer.

7.Paul Samuel Abrahams.

Nothing comes first before God. He is a devoted Christian, and all his life, he was born to be devoted to God. An archangel, and a creature without a stain. He is the guardian angel guiding Kennie where his mind is always misguided. A creature of exposure, and purity, nothing comes in between his Clarity. As angelic as the morning star, like a direction of a million stars, a formation, and the beauty of the truth. Archangel.

8.Ryn Univora

Rockstar is his middle name. Nobody really dims his shine, because when somebody does, the whole world is against a hater. Loves glitter mixed with unicorn and a drip of blood, is obsessed with nothing but the state of FAME. All the riches are his, and that nothing takes that away because he is an androgyne and a seller of the golden soul. Talent is his next middle name. And unicorns sleep down his heart. Rockstar.

9.Spectra Electra


A daughter of the Anthemoosa Bay, nothing comes within her way. Only a fierce creature, and a creature of boundless, eternal beauty. Siren she becomes for enrapturing the ocean waves instead of Persephone before she becomes a bride of Hades. Now all she has it all, all the power, all the glory. She feeds on humanity and spares nothing for love-because love can never ever occur on her. Her spell of songs will enchant wanderers, and all there's left is her and her sisters. Like a siren song, like a bird predator. Siren.



Nothing but a little artist, raised in 97. Foolish, and loved by the whole ego-s till the very end. A big fan of caps-and a prodigy with artistic skills the world could have. Only colors rush out of his mind-and some turns onto a monochromatic spectrum. Like tan-and simplicity of mind. What makes him complex are the other ego-s, coloring the soul with a spectrum he could never understand. His self defense mechanism is basically someone else. A creature of art. Student. Alongside him, there are two more. James Miller&Reinhardt Kenn.

PhotoVogue Features.
Anna Della

PAR.Reinhardt Kenneth
Model.Irene Wihandi Putri, Gillian Geraldine Gani, Evan Ray, and a Self Portrait by Gillian.


  1. Enchanting characters. Everything that you write is so alive. Moreover, the pictures stand for them. They are so eligibly match every character. Lovely editing. You are truly born with the talent of art. Well done.


  2. Love the photos, i love the colors and the story behind every character :)

  3. Great story, neth!'re so talented!

  4. Woah, you put so much effort in your shoots I really like them. Super cool and I'm all in for having 'alter egos', which brings me to answering you question that my hair is longer as they are extensions/clip ons. I like to have alter egos just as much as you do, so as a girl can alter her look having it up or down, I decided I wanted that sort of effect, but really pushing it on a male, so that's what I came to. :)

    xx The Provoker

    P.S. This shoot really is gorgeous, all the play on color/lighting/arrangement and collages has provoked me in the best way possible. x

  5. Hi

    This is super cool !!

    Amazing work I love the one with the orange circle looks like something I've seen in a music video ;)

    Also checked out your other work I truly love it so I'll stop by more often !!


  6. your blog really awesome !! i love all photos and the stories

  7. hey there!
    you have such a unique style of photography!
    honestly something i havent seen before!
    i think it's wonderful what you do n i can't wait to see more

  8. omg these are sooo rad!! wish i knew how to do this. i might just do it to all (okay maybe not all) my photos. TOO COOL!!! <3

  9. omg you are so talented!! from editing and photographing!! i just love your work and i really adore your work!!<3