Monday, May 14, 2012

Claudia and the Love Shades.

 The touch of your hands, they were very near, when I am not with you, everything can remain right even when the world is falling apart. Untouched feelings, they are secretly touched by the blink of your eyes far away. It was a very bright voice, that is what echoes in my mind, your whisper, it felt so dusty like this dress I'm wearing. It's like when you call my name, the whole world stops for a secret second. I keep twirling in this labyrinth where all the ways ahead leads myself to you. Cream colored roses will be hung there, one day I'll hold you down the gigantic cross on the chapel, where wedding bells will ring. We'll play dress up and fall in love all over again. Like mint to cream, like pastel to spring, I will always fit in your missing puzzle piece. We will grow old together, like those lonely days I thought I'll have, they will be replaced. Find me down to wonderland, there we will kiss down the breeze. Technology and Pastel colored. That's how I feel for you. You're like a dream I'm living in, just like a pixie inside of a rose.

 Photographer: Reinhardt Kenneth
Model: Michelle Claudia Ryan
Technician: Reinaldo Kurnia and Belfin Paian
Make-Up Artist: Meta.