Thursday, May 17, 2012


A smile is obtainable in the dark days, but doesn't it sound fake? Khaki must be big next season, apart from spearmint. Vintage feelings, they emerge, I remember when I went to a coffee shop near my house. Lace, yes that's how I feel, I feel like, the strings on my heart, they are almost up. They only artistically cope me like the inside of a rose. Like I'm a bee near the end. I'm not gonna waste my life to hurt a person, I'm gonna make my life worth a chance.Since you left me, I cried everyday, I over think and stress out, I am absent for most days since, I don't want to see you carry on. I want to see you come running back to me, but you never ever will. I sound so selfish, but what you did to me it wasn't cool. Nobody's perfect, but I want you to make me feel perfect. Do you even think hanging out with someone's girlfriend is cool?. Do you even think my heart is a glass? My heart is like a wall you tainted, you lied to, and the love letters attached to my mind, they will never ever come away. So I emerge to be Carmen, the Lady of Vanity. The Lady that could save me from this pain. I am strong enough. Just like this coffee lingering in my mind, but you will never ever survive a heartbreak one day. You made me this way.

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