Monday, February 2, 2015

Sulfur Blonde

Sulfur Blonde

Sometimes I sit and wonder and ask myself questions in the likes of ; “what does it feel to be burned alive?” or the latter of the grotesque that might seem like a taboo if it was represented in a realistic conversation with random people. I also hate it when I’ve known a really good song for like ages and then suddenly it becomes a radio hit and the whole world is like “oh my god I love this new song”. I feel empathy for Echosmith or Charli XCX or Lana Del Rey-but damn it was cool to listen to them back in the days.

As I think I’m pretty stupid when it comes to the scientific matters, I just felt like Sulfur is the perfect name of the portfolio. Borrowing tones and contrasts unusual to happen in the human body/ Imaginations on how a nuclear invasion might affect the aesthetic matters. Sometimes I just put things onto my artistic perspective and leaving it like that. You know, like, just let your artistic views take perspective by transforming or distorting reality onto a level of absurdity one may just shake off as being weird.

I shot Sulfur Blonde back in Easter, last year. Admittedly, I was like love struck back then with no particular reason. Come on, my playlist was John Legend’s “All Of Me”(before it was a #1 hit), Katy Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away” (all time Perry favorite), and Lady Gaga’s “Gypsy” (life anthem). The exact same period I got my first ink. Let m tell you something, my artistic brilliance only occurs around March and continuing on since usually. I’m the kind of person who gives exposure to the work of his particular year on the next year. I just felt like a year is an experience, and I want to show it when it’s a complete masterpiece in a year. Anyways, back to the topic. This photo shoot was shit, I’m sorry but it was. I completely lost control of “The Photographic Sense” and is just somehow lost and clueless along the way. So, this artistic direction of distorting the photographs only through it’s curves definitely is a hybrid experience. I am really glad the experiment is paid off well.

I got the name “Sulfur Blonde” as the idea sparks off when I felt you know, stupid in science and the such. So naming the portfolio with a chemistry-sounding element in it kind of felt pretty superficial to me. Due to that, I wanted to add a dumb blonde element towards it. A connotation of stereotypes in between artistic manipulations. You’ll never know if it’s just plain off stupid or you know, a hybrid evolution of a dumb blonde to a sulfur blonde, with an odd sense of aesthetic look. Voila.

I just wanted to build up a youthful play of color on these photographs as a media of expression. A quirky approach through photographs as a media of radical vibrance. A Charli XCX smashing onto these photographs, colliding in artistic manipulations. The color of the stream the photographs comprehend. An experiment of the curves onto how a collision of art and beauty photographs may result – it could mean anything.

These kind of photographs, in particular they keep me young. They tell me that youth is definitely wasted on the young like me. It’s a waste of energy but not a waste of happiness. Doing it like we’re doing it now. That is what youth is you know, an act of rebellion towards the environment itself. In particular we will grow up and move on and settle down. It’s just a phase, as long as it stays as only a creative rebellion, not an act questioning morals. It’s just a matter of time as this part of youth will fade away, so reminisce it as it stays.

I’m 18 this year, and I really want to let the essence of being young linger you know, these photographs are a portrayal of these demands my heart and my mind confesses on having. Conversations on travelling the world, potential spring breaks, and the newest trend here and there. A generation raised by the television and now the internet. A culture of technology, where who’s famous matters. Such a superficial society, but isn’t it cool to lose control and feel outrageous? Fabulous.

I’m the kind of kid who listens to London Grammar one second then goes all woohoo Calvin Harris on the other. Then maybe some superficial material classified as “soul” or “hip hop”, when they aren't actually a part of the genre. From billboard hot 100 to “it’s cool cuz nobody’s listen to this” kinda movement. I’m a chameleon in the making. It’s the sulfur blonde, the intellectual and the superficial, the confident and the shy, the stressed but well dressed.

Since I was under the influence of the so-called-love while shooting this, this portfolio is an approval that a hybrid truly can withstand these things, such as a broken heart.

Too independent for these shiz.

Anyways, hi UNIONS! The Photographic Sense is back! Loads loads loads of artistic directions coming up, so stay tuned!. Oh and, does any of you live in Melbourne, Australia? Fetch me a hello if you do!. How are you all? I’m currently writing this on the library cuz #2fabtodoTOK. Ciao! Don’t forget to stay as a Sulfur Blonde!


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