Saturday, September 8, 2012

The State Of Dreaming

A Letter to Reinhardt,
Sacred, the sacred mind of the human being, it is the ghost lingering on the living body, it is lost by the boundary. Inside of fear and the wrecked soul of the innocent, we all live inside the boundary, we are tied into the darkest ribbons of prejudice we could’ve escaped from. We are trapped, trapped inside a boundary of the wonders of the world.

The society, as disrespectful as usual, they don’t get the state of the awkward behaviors of art. They get anything that does not fit in as a medium of hating, a medium of disbelief, a medium of hatred. It’s like you can’t be who you are because no one likes you when you are true to yourself or you’re doing your art. It’s like when you can’t just have everything you need in order to carry on, seen as an outcast.

In search of a runaway, we pick up along the pieces of our earliest inspirations, our mindset and the environment affecting us, we see throughout our dreams, our imaginations, the things you thought will never stand a chance. Like a plastic bag, a lightweight medium only utilized, those are the inspirations you used along.

As you are set to go, we emerged to drawn in the beautiful imagery, where you see yourself as inspiration and your multiple personas go around the field, the field of the golden locks and braids of the soul, like a phoenix emerging from ashes symbolizing once we lived in fear. Don’t be afraid, young one, don’t take the hatred, they’re a trap. As we become weightless in dreaming, becoming the one sleeping and living and breathing and singing in the state of dream, unconsciously we obtain the most radioactive behaviors. Demonstrating the helpless ones we all die slowly realistically, and live a lot more in our complex mindset, the beehive around your radioactivity is the electric shot your heart possess, dying slowly in the cards of the poker monochromatic reality, we burn into ashes and reinvent ourselves all over again.

We search for fields, we search for adventures, we seek through it with a medium of art, we melt down like candles burning inside our passions of art, and kill the society. Like a light speed generation, we evolve like crystallization of art, we form a reaction finally, young soul, we become one and 8, we become the soul of the sleep and the passion of the living, we obtain and see through, yes, we inspire.

As calm as the breeze of the wind, we chase, we chase for the warm heart, we seek for the sun of our souls, we’ve only just begun and almost end, we die in the warmth of our own arms and give birth to each and every one of living particles of ourselves, like the cell dying every 24 hours but remain beautifully. Like a beautiful melody, the nights will break, we are the lion, the unicorn, the gargoyle, the siren, the swan, the hybrid, the alien, and the dark souled black diamond. Our hands are magical, they kill every each particle, appearing like dreams and particles, we are attached to it, we chase for our own dreams, dying and living and breathing and bleeding like tangerine to mint.

The search will end in maroon, it will end with childhood, it will break, the bear holding the whole nation of reality, the inside of the roses appearing fake, dead, yet alive, glued like the kiss of the phoenix. The cup, the cup you spilled to empty your mind and spit reformed saliva of the 8, and finally the journal, the cyber sanctuary you run to everywhere, like the parent cell, dying with the organism it reproduces, the dream, the soul, the fame, the art, and the reflections of the apostolic convention, the living.

 But the soul will split, it will split to the ones they reform, the dark and the light. One holds purity, virginity, innocence, and peace, the white swan, the Holy Ghost breaking dawn and dusk with light, running through and forward, running for the final living. And on the other side, the Black Ghost, the raven-minded intelligence raining as the sun goes down in pink, it conquers the world in ritualism that dies and reinvents, like eyeliner and vanity, it never spills, it just simply spits. Both hearts are connected, they are identical, they are itself the key to The State of Dreaming, breaking the glass reality holds. Young Blood, Young Soul, Young Art, go through the living, you are two but one, yet 8 in a mature way, stained with ART as how sin should go throughout, you know what they say, a canvas is only beautiful stained, we are masterpieces carved with soul and blood.

The Photographic Sense
Photographed By: Reinhardt Kenneth and the 7 Egos.
Model: Joshua Christian 
Special thanks to: The Loyal Dawi, Austin Beckrhousment and all your dreaming personas, Jo, and everyone involved. 

                  The Lion


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  3. great pictures! the concepts are very beautiful, and joshua christian pull the essence of the pictures. great portofolio, reinhardt :)


  4. congratz kenn :D featured photovogue lg <3
    hehehhe, anyway thx ngingetin aku ttg yg foto di rumahmuu..
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  5. congrats on the 5 featured picture, young man!
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  9. Intricate and b'ful :)
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  11. those photos give me goosebumps. Keren banget, timeless and beyond my imagination. Your art sense tajam banget :o

    Keep it up, Kenneth! :D

  12. nr 5 and nr 8 are my biggest favourites. especially nr 5 because it looks like a scene from a music video or a movie. for an example a music video from Empire of the Sun. that is the first thing which came in my mind when I saw it.
    great job overall!

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  15. Loved reading your narration and self expression through this creative photo feature. What I read just now, I loved the following lines the most:
    "The society, as disrespectful as usual, they don’t get the state of the awkward behaviors of art. They get anything that does not fit in as a medium of hating, a medium of disbelief, a medium of hatred. It’s like you can’t be who you are because no one likes you when you are true to yourself or you’re doing your art. It’s like when you can’t just have everything you need in order to carry on, seen as an outcast."
    I agree with these feelings/thoughts.
    Indeed, art is a weapon of self expression against society.

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  26. Great writing. Nuff said.

  27. I had admired these pictures in your previous post, and enjoy them even much through your words in this one ... it forwarded to me a quote from Warhol that I always liked: "Do not Think About making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decides if it's good or bad, Whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art. "... I was struck by the closing of your narrative, we are masterpieces carved with soul and blood ... BEAUTIFUL!!!
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  29. great shots!!! the one of the sheets flying away is really great!!!

  30. the poetic element of photo and text, and I think a large part of your blog (seeing your protest against bullying) has a strong link to being the outcast of society. I am happy seeing you making beautiful/powerful imagery and statement against bullying and the effect of being different than the rest.

    Being different will never become easy, but it spurs a creativity the 'normal' will not obtain easily

    [shortly: love it!}

    *MlleWanderlust *

  31. I must have missed this when the internet was down. :( A beautiful exploration of self and society; you are delving deep my young friend.

  32. Thank you :) Yeah, I don't mind :)

  33. OMG the pictures are amaszing and <i love the idea of writing a post in form of an open letter. Feels like the pictures are soking me in like into another world. Amazing!!

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  36. "The society, as disrespectful as usual, they don’t get the state of the awkward behaviors of art"
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  37. hahaha at least I still watched the weekend morning animes and those on TV7!!
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