Friday, June 29, 2012

The Abandoned and The Rising.

So I had my very first couture photo shoot, bloody unicorns, scroll down for more pictures.
 The very second I decided to be into fashion, as a blogger, a freelance fashion photographer, and several other amateurish acts, I've experienced ups and downs, I've experienced falls like last season's animal prints, and intense progression like pastel, my life was never Blue Jeans, White Shirt. It had always been couture. Viva La Sequins, wrap me in your satin.
 So, I was shooting this for a competition held locally in my city, eventually, I didn't win, I was a bit devastated, of course, because the story just mesmerizes my own human eye about the darkest hours an aging model can experience. I do believe fashion is a runaway for every passionate artist, but in the same time fashion kills everyone, after all, fashion was formed through sin.
 The stain of the vanity of every shade of make up fascinates me of how someone can easily fake her/himself, I do find the best makeup in life is a goddamn sequin of charm. Somehow whatever charm you give away, that's how everyone judges you. It's like blood, our veins are meant for our own charm.
 I'm portraying a generation gap here, of how the elder who isn't in the marketing anymore is tangled by her puppet strings of darkness, of how she slowly dies, and the other two rising stars, representing a contract with fame, vanity, and fashion.
Vogue Italia Feature:

Photographed by: Reinhardt Kenneth
Assistent Photographer: Theresia Oei(
Models: Pricillia Lumantoro(, Irene Wihandi, and Cicilia Budiono(
Wardrobe: Diana Couture
Hair/MUA: Shelley Sebastian
and Aunt Lanemei for the Studio, and Dawi for the Curtains.


  1. it's okay sometimes not to win at the competition..but your photos were chosen at right??
    anyway i like the fourth photo very much :D

  2. A fantastic concept and no wonder Vogue Italia liked it-the images look High Fashion, welldone! I love your last post too-do stay true to yourself Reinhardt :)

    Fi x

  3. The setting is so classy and elegant. The ladies look really gorgeous. How I wish I was there.. nO, NOT to be the model but just a visitor, who only passes by. hahahaha

  4. wow, cool shots! you're really have that sense! :)
    anyway, I'm your new follower <3

  5. wow gorgeous photo,
    you are so talented
    love them all

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  6. Too bad you didn't win... but don't give up!!
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  7. Wow, you're so talented <3 Yes, I'd love to follow each other, followed you via GFC and lookbook, now it's your turn ;)

    Kisses ;*

  8. you did an amazing job!! we love it!


  9. nice! would you like to follow each other? :)

  10. Cool concept !!

  11. it's okay, it's still an art. for me, there's no lose or win. it's just how our point of view address it. it's not a sin also. it's just a taste ;)


  12. Wow lovely photos! I'm totally in love with it ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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